Marriage Got Fixed After Starting Mahaparayan

Marriage Got Fixed After Starting Mahaparayan

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee From India Says:

Hi! I would like to share one of the miracles which happened to me due to Baba’s grace. My life started to change last December when I had a very bad breakup as the guy ditched me as his family was not accepting our relationship. 

I was completely shattered, day by day life was taking a toil on me as it was a lockdown. I couldn’t even travel to my hometown and I was all alone. It happened in the month of March. I was still hopeful that the guy would come back to me. We were not at all in touch and his birthday was near. I thought of contacting him with all Baba’s grace and I did so. The guy came and met me. I discussed the matter again if he could still try for our relationship but again he gave me some indigestible excuse and did not take this relationship further

I was completely hopeless at that time as I couldn’t even discuss the matter with my family. I was all alone. I have believed in Baba since my college days but that time I was not so serious but all the good things that happened in my life were due to Sai Baba’s grace. When life was taking a toil on me and I was all alone Baba came to help me. Daily Iused to listen to Baba’s aarti, do pooja morning and evening and I was hopeful that the some day that guy will come back in my life again but I never contacted him or begged him at all I had complete faith in Baba and every time I asked for Baba’s answer that if that guy would come back in my life again or not every single time He gave me an assurance and positive response.

I was all hopeful and at the other end my family was forcing me to get married. They brought a number of alliances and to everyone I said a Big NO as I had faith that Baba had assured me that the guy will return and it continued. 

In between I also started doing 16 somvar vrat and also did Sai divya pooja vrat. It started in the month of March and it was going all fine as I was hopeful. In the month of June my parents forced me to come back to my hometown as there was some important work pending and without my signature that could not be completed and Baba also some or the other way showed me signs that I should travel back to my hometown. 

At that time I was dejected a bit as that guy was in the same city and I thought if I go to my hometown how would I meet him. Even then I trusted Baba and started for my hometown. By that time it was July and next month was my birthday that is in August. I  was all hopeful that at least that guy will wish me on my birthday and will start talking again as Baba had assured me and at the other end when I reached home everyone in my home started looking for a guy and were forcing me to get married as it was already delayed.

The time was very crucial for me. I did not know what to do. If I should proceed according to my parents’ will or I should wait as Baba assured me. Along with it my 16 Mondays fasting was also going on and there was not even a single sign or message from my ex for 4 months. 12th August was my birthday and I had made up my mind that it was enough then. If that guy didn’t wish me on my birthday then I would go ahead according to my parents’ will. The day came i.e. 12th August and yes that guy didn’t wish me at all. I  was completely shattered with tears and was thinking why did Baba assure me. He didn’t complete His promise. I cried all day.

My family didn’t understand why I was upset on my birthday as well but I had decided that from tomorrow I will not think about him anymore and will create an account on matrimonial site as per my parents’ will. I  was so damn angry with Baba that He did not fulfil His promise. I didn’t do His pooja for the next 2 days and for 16th Monday fasting the last Monday was just remaining and I was all hopeless.

I created an account on matrimonial sites on 13th August with tears on my face. The days were going by and I was all upset with Baba and after creating the account number; phone calls for the alliance were coming to whom I was completely rejecting as I was all dejected. On the last Monday i.e. 24th August, which was my last monday of solah somvar vrat, my mom’s phone rang while we were doing Aarti at Shiv temple. I asked my mom not to pick as we were in between the aarti but the phone was ringing again and again. My mom picked it up and told them that she would call them in 10 minutes as we were in between our pooja and they said ok.

After the pooja got completed my mom called them from the temple itself and it was a call from one of the alliance guy’s mothers. His mom told her all the details about the guy and sent the guy’s photographs. My mom said that we would go home and see the pictures and biodata of the guy and would confirm.

When we came home, I was not sure how the dress which I was wearing which was white in colour and sindur, haldi and everything which I was holding on my hand had fallen on me. My mom became so happy that it was a good sign. She said, “Please have a look at the pictures which the guy’s mother had sent and  if you don’t like we will tell them no.”

Again with a sad face and broken heart I saw the pictures of the guy and told my mom that it was her decision. If she thinks that the guy is good then please proceed with matching the kundali and would see. My mom gave the kundali to pandit and the next day pandit confirmed that kundali was too good for both as they both were manglik and that it would be a very good match. Now I did not have any reason to say NO. My mom called his parents and everything went fine. They were happy to hear the news. Days went and I was still not ready from within but I didn’t have any reason to say NO as the guy looked smart and earned well at the same metro city where I stayed and was good natured and decent. Days went and everyone forced me to have a word with the guy at least; to which I agreed upon.

We started talking day by day.  I liked his nature and everything about him. Basically he had all the qualities which I was looking for. We both were gym freaks and most of our qualities matched and slowly I started liking him and after talking to him for about 15 days our family decided to meet and see each other and fix the dates.

And it happened. Our families met and we both saw each other and it was all fixed and now finally we are getting engaged in December and it all happened within 10 days of opening an account on a matrimonial site. All I understood is that Baba was testing my faith through the difficult times and I passed successfully.

All I want to convey to the readers is Baba can sometimes test you to the utmost level but He will only do what is good for you. His ways are His ways. At the start we will never understand why He is doing this. Why is He not understanding our problem but atlast you will definitely understand that He has a reason for each and everything He does. All we need is complete surrender. It is not necessary that He will always give us what we want but yes He will give us what we need and what is best for us. 

So I humbly request all the readers if you are in a situation where you don’t know what to do then please, please completely surrender to Him. Whether the end result is in your favour or not it will always be the best for you under Baba’s guidance. This old man’s way of performing miracles is beyond human understanding.Just trust His timing and trust His process and hold onto Him tightly with complete faith and patience and I can assure you that He will never break your heart.

All I can say is that it was all my SaiBaba’s miracle and He had already fixed everything in regards to my marriage. Otherwise a girl like me who was not at all ready to get married to any other guy agreed suddenly and it all got fixed within a month whereas in between all these things which started from my breakup and fixing my marriage it took 8 months. In between these times I did a lot of vrat, Sai Divya pooja, Hanuman ji,16 Somvar vrat and I also became a member of The Global Mahaprayan. I had only completely surrendered and had complete faith in Baba.

PS: My fiance’s name also starts with S! 

Anonymous Sai Devotee 

#MP-Experience 1863

Marriage Fixed On The Completion Of Parayan

 Marriage Fixed On The Completion Of Parayan

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee From India Says: 

Hi team,

I want to be anonymous. Today I want to share my marriage miracle experience. 

From 2012 to 2013, I surrendered to Baba for my marriage. I always asked Him to marry my love. But every time we had arguments and I was in pain everyday with him. Years passed and I could get out of the relationship successfully. 

From then only Baba used to give the answer that “marriage will be arranged among relatives.’ My love was Christian and not my family member. Even then I used to pray for miracles. Deep inside I knew what Baba said would happen and then I used to say, “Give me strength and take him out of my life if he is not the person You chose for me.”

Then after getting out of the relationship and college days I got a job. I had many loving people around me. I totally forgot about him. I felt I deserved more happiness and more life than living with my love. Even though I knew he is not good for me, I wanted to marry him but office friends who loved and cared changed everything about me and I got more confidence that Baba will send a good guy who will take care of me.

After I quit my job, my parents started looking for a guy. One match came. He is a government employee working in Bangalore. I wanted to marry him because of his family members. They are all sweet souls. But Baba said No through mediator on Thursday as His decision. I didn’t give up and begged Baba. Did parayanam 11 times, went to Shirdi, did Satyanarayan vrat. They came back and said okay for me. I felt happy. 

Later again they got engaged to another girl. I felt worse and thought about dying and said Baba, “Please take me with You. I don’t want to live. Please let me immerse in You.” I waited till his marriage day but it was of no use. Baba answered twice as No on Thursdays only as I asked Him to tell the decisions on Thursday and only then I would take it as His answer and His decision.

Months passed. Whatever match mother was seeing, all were going back. They would say that they would  come home but again they would not come. Again this also I said Baba, “Please don’t let anyone come home and give me hopes. If people who are not of Your choice are coming then stop them and divert them. This way I won’t get hurt and their money and our money would be saved. Send only Your choice to home.” The same happened with 2-3 families. And then suddenly on Thursday grandfather gave one guy’s number which mother had been asking for months. 

Mother talked to him and the pandit told to see him in 2 days, else we would need to wait 2 months more for good days. Mother and father went to see him. And that was the day I got notification “work will be done in 1 year from today.” I took it as Baba’s indication and went forward with the match. Then the guy got transferred to another state so he wanted to see me once and move to another state. He came and met me. I do not know what happened to me that day but I myself asked him to go to the room and talk personally. My parents didn’t like it. I also didn’t know why I said that. Then I told him that I do not eat non veg and requested him not to force me to eat or cook. Other than this I didn’t have any problem. He is exactly opposite to me, he eats non veg everyday.

After he left, my parents and I had a big fight. They just wanted me to shut my mouth and sit. But I talked without any plans. They thought this match was also gone. But they came forward. His parents started talking. Within a few days they wanted to come home and confirm that I’m their girl. So for that day, pandit said that Guru purnima was good. 

 Meanwhile I was worried that I didn’t know whether he was Baba’s choice or not. So I said Baba, “Please tell me this man is Your choice and Your decision.” So after listening to the Guru Purnima date I was overjoyed and felt very happy. But later they had a problem with the date and came 3 days before. I completely became sad and confused thinking that Baba was saying no for him. And then when the family was about to come, 2 days before I realised that they were coming on the day I read the last chapter 51 of group parayan. I realised Baba blessed me with him and his family for reading parayanam daily. I used to feel that I’m reading like a fool daily and even on Thursdays and Baba is not doing anything. What is the use, it’s better to stop reading. No, no I should not think like this. Baba did many things. He helped financially, health wise and took care of me and my family. I should not think like this. Baba gave His answer to me by sending them to my home on the finish day of parayan. It was like a declaration from Baba that I’m giving this guy and this family to you for your daily parayan reading. If they came on Guru Purnima day I would think that there is no use of reading daily. But Baba removed that thought by setting my marriage at the completion of my parayanam. I decided then to just close my eyes and get married to him. 

When I started to talk to him I cried as he was pushing me away and was not interested in me. I wondered whether I would be happy or not. But later he took time and he opened his heart and told me his feelings. He is the same as Baba, taking care of me each and every day and night. He is so caring, more than my parents and family members or friends I have ever seen till now. I thought I would only love him more and I won’t get enough love from him. But it’s completely opposite now. I’m nothing infront of him. He is such a sweet good pure soul.

 I had prayed to Baba, “I want a husband who will take care of me the same as You. He should not be like my parents, always misunderstanding me. He should listen to me and understand what I say, what I feel, like how You listen and understand me. I can’t say one or two things, I want everything the same as You in him and the guy I got is the same as Baba, always listening to me, understanding me, worried for me, caring for me and can’t live without me within 1 month only. 

Before relationship, I was like a slave to my love. I was there for him all the 24 hours but he was never there for me. For me he was always frosty, but for him I was always the one saying that I will understand, compromise and adjust. I was like a maid to him. Even though I knew that I didn’t deserve all that and that relationship but still couldn’t get out of it. Baba pulled me out of it and gave me a completely opposite man to me now. Now I’m the queen, princess, baby, head of the home and what not. All the rights and happiness in the world I got within 1 month because of Baba.

No one can beat Baba’s decisions. Baba’s choice and His decisions are always much much better than anyone’s or self decisions. Baba will always give something that is beyond my imagination.

I killed my dreams and lived lifelessly. Many said to do a job again but I didn’t listen to anyone. I even lived without food and money a few times. But this man came and said, “With love and care that I will support you. I want my wife to be a collector or in any big position in group 1 exam.” He changed me with his love and care. Made me think and have self confidence in me again to get the group’s job exam. I also decided to do it with Baba’s help. He became everything to me like father, mother, brother, sister, teacher and guide. I shout at him daily on calls. I get angry mostly. But he didn’t get angry even once till today. He didn’t shout till today. I feel very lucky and blessed to have him in my life. Very thankful to Baba for sending him and choosing him. Next week I’m getting engaged. He said he doesn’t even want dowry. He is much better than me. I’m learning so much from him everyday.

Thank You Baba. Thank You so much for everything that You are doing to me and my family. Thank You for always restoring my faith again and again. Thank You for removing my stupid doubts. 

Om Sairam Sri Sairam Jai Sairam. 

Anonymous Sai Devotee 

#MP-Experience 1864

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Just as marriage is the connection of two hearts and souls; joys and sorrows too are due to the  connection of good or bad deeds. Let us be loyal to our good karmas to live happily. Any act good or bad will surely reap its fruit undoubtedly. So keep doing parayan and good deeds to fill our pots of good karmas and qualify for a quality life.

Those who have faith and patience and devote wholeheartedly; to them Baba will give everything and beyond expectations. Baba can give anyone anything but we have to qualify to receive it. Baba is like a cloud Who immensely showers His grace on us. We all need to remove our raincoats (doubts) or not hold any umbrellas over our minds so that we can enjoy the showers (blessings) and thus be drenched in love and devotion for Baba and blessings from Sai Baba. Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg


Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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