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Global MahaParayan Miracles – Post 1572

Shirdi Sai Devotee Shubha shares the miracles after joining Mahaparayan and how Baba helped her at various modes. Another devotee shares how Baba fulfilled her also 2 wishes of conceiving and meeting her loved ones after joining Mahaparayan.
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Global MahaParayan Miracles – Post 1569

A must read beautiful and amazing leelas of our most merciful Sai. First leela is about how nothing can go wrong when we chant His name and Baba came to rescue a child whose dress had caught fire. Another leela is about a MP sevak who prayed Baba to heal her at the earliest so that she could help her MP members with Thursday Mahaparayan and allocation; got healed with Baba's grace.
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Global MahaParayan Miracles – Post 1567

Shirdi Sai Devotees share beautiful Sai leelas where Baba helped one of the devotee's parents to reach a destination safely and blessed another devotee's child with a clear speech (overnight) and her grandfather by giving him amazing darshan.
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