Sai Baba Changed Life And Shown Many Miracles

Sai Baba Changed Life And Shown Many Miracles
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Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Riddhima From Australia Says: 

Sairam everyone! With Baba’s blessings I am going to narrate another leela that happened on 23rd July, 2020. I had vowed to fast for 9 Thursdays for sick children, especially children who are suffering from cancer. My heart cries out when I think of them or their families. My sister-in-law’s daughter and one of my Sai sister’s son are very sick too. They both are having a lot of health issues too. So I also requested Baba that this fast is for them too. Please heal all the kids in the world and give strength to their families. With Baba’s blessings I completed Nav Guruvar fast on 23rd July 2020. Coincidentally, I and my mum-in-law had started saptah parayan just a week before and that was getting completed on the same day too, 23rd July 2020, Thursday.

After collectively finishing 7 chapters of the day, I started reading my MahaParayan chapters and guessed what; my chapters for that day were 12 and 13! I was simply astonished at how Baba is omniscient and knows everything. Baba knows what chapter should be given to their devotees. I have heard that people who have health issues should read chapter 13 with full faith and devotion and see Baba gave me Chapter 13 to read that day when I was concluding with my last fast. I had tears in my eyes thinking that Yes Baba is watching over us and knows what we are doing. My mum and I had prepared a special meal that day for Baba. We happily offered the Navediya to Baba and sang His Aarti. Baba just one request no matter which part of the world You have sent us to but please keep our soul tied to Your feet forever. 

Baba with my bowed head and joined hands I humbly request You that we never do any such deed that will bring shame on Your name.

I thank my Mum-in-Law from the bottom of my heart as without her efforts it’s really impossible to balance work and spiritual life. May Baba bless her immensely. Thank You Baba and thank you, Mom. I love You, Baba. Thank You for choosing me to be Your child, Baba. Aap Ko sache (true) aur Shraddha bhare man (mind) se koti koti sashtang Pranam.

Sai Devotee Riddhima 

#MP-Experience 1991

Sai Baba Helped In Many Incidents  

Sai Baba Helped In Many Incidents  
Download 50+ Sai Baba HD Images With Quotes For 2022

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Satya Galla From UK Says:

Dear Sai Devotees,

My name is Mrs. Satya Prakash Galla. I’m a devotee and greenhouse captain from the Global Mahaparayan group MP-3802N1 Shweta Sai. I am a Class teacher of MP-6995N1 Krishna Sai.

I have multiple divine experiences with our Sai Baba’s grace

Visa was processed too fast and came to the UK with Baba’s blessings. There was a change in management in my husband’s organization and they first did not approve of sponsoring to give onsite. But with Baba’s blessings, the management co-operated and released the sponsorship. 

My husband’s organization had booked tickets for us in January 2020 to go to the UK. It is a break journey, we have to go to Dubai in one flight and from there it was a connecting flight till London. But we got stuck in Dubai due to the bad weather (due to the heavy wind, there was lots of turbulence, and it was a dangerous journey to Dubai). I prayed to Baba continuously. Finally, we reached Dubai safely with Baba’s grace. Due to the delay in reaching Dubai we missed our connecting flight. We had to stay in Dubai for two days as there were no tickets to the UK flights for the next two days.

Actually, my husband’s wish was to stay in Dubai for two days in the middle of the UK, for 10 years. By Baba’s grace it came true. We enjoyed those two days by visiting places in Dubai. One day we planned to visit Dubai mall in the morning and afternoon to visit Safari. We had very limited time. When we were returning from Dubai mall we had gone to the wrong platform which we thought was the correct platform. Suddenly before the train came; a simple, calm, and quiet man came to us and asked what was the next station. Then we saw the route map at the platform and realised that we were waiting on the wrong platform. After checking the route map we could not find the man anywhere on the platform. He had disappeared without our knowledge. My heart said the man was none other than our father Sainath Who drove us on to the right path. If this had not happened that day then we might have faced a lot of problems because we are new to that place and we had very less local currency. Also, we might have missed our Safari trip too. But due to Sai Baba miracle we got the right train and caught the Safari ride which we enjoyed a lot. 

By Baba’s blessings, we reached the UK on the next day.                             

I returned to India after a week, as I went to the UK to collect my Visa papers by taking two weeks of leave from my work. My husband came to India in March just before the COVID impact increased in the UK. Luckily we are in India during the critical time of COVID. The actual plan is to go to the UK in mid of March. But due to the flights being canceled we came to the UK in mid of September. I was not doing any job from March as we planned to go to the UK. We are in a troubled period due to a housing loan and my husband’s aged parents’ medical expenses. So I need a job. As I have a long gap, I up-skilled myself with the latest technologies. But the job market is down in the UK and most companies are not preferring dependent visa holders. I started doing 9 Guruvar vrat for my job. I thank my sister Ramya who told me about the vrat and provided me with the book. I started the vrat on 22nd October, till now I have completed four weeks. Before completing 9 weeks only Baba gifted me a job. I received my offer letter on 3rd December Thursday, also the company offered a salary more than what I had asked for. This is Baba’s miracle in my life. Getting a first job in the UK is tough (Especially now due to COVID the market is too down and most companies are not taking the outsiders) but Baba made it easy with His divine power. I just received my offer letter in hard copy by post while I’m writing this experience of Baba’s blessings. 

The most positive change in myself is, my behavior, thought process, and the way of receiving people has changed a lot in my life. I can feel that I became more polite, peaceful and calm in my mind after joining the Global MahaParayan. Thank You Baba for accepting me as Your daughter. 

I used to have anxiety and a short temper, but it has reduced now especially after joining the Stavan Manjari Ekadashi group. Stavan Manjari, Sai Satcharitra, Sri Sai Leelamrutham are like nectar for Sai devotees. How many times you may read Satcharitra, we can feel the new experience every time. Indulge in Baba’s Seva and by His grace one day we will be enlightened by Sai for sure. 

I am always thankful to the people who helped me to connect with Baba since my childhood, my aunt (Radhika, she used to take us to Baba’s temple when we were kids.), my roommate and friend Madhavi (she suggested I read Sri Sai Leelamrutham when I was really in bad time, ultimately Baba removed the big evil obstacle in my career.), my sister Archana (she asked me many times to join in the Global MahaParayan, by Baba’s grace once I said I will join.), Shweta Ahuja ji (She is my Mahaprayan Class teacher) she is an amazing lady who made me experience everything done by Baba and we are just His instruments. 

Last but not least I prostrate before my mom and thank her, who always guides me and drives me on the correct path. She was always a loving devotee of Baba. She is our strength and reason to be happy today. Being a single parent she never stepped back to give us a good life and good education for us, irrespective of our poor financial condition and relatives’ criticism towards educating girl children, she stood strong on our side and gave us good education.  

How to thank You, Baba, I have no words. Thank You so much, Baba. Please bless me, to always be Your devotee and I always should put my sight and faith at Your lotus feet. I see Baba in each and every living creature. With Baba’s blessings, recently I became part of the ‘Sai MahaAnnadaan’ group and feel the bliss of giving food to the needy. I was overwhelmed with Baba’s love. Hope my experience will boost the other devotees to increase their faith in Baba. 

Thanks a lot to the organizers of the Global Mahaparayan. 

Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.  

Sai Devotee Satya Galla

#MP-Experience 1992

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Mahaparayan will help us get closer to Baba, will remind us constantly of His leelas and stories and thus burn our sins. When our sins will get burnt good things will start searching us and will reach us at Baba's timing. Through Mahaparayan Baba also gives us an opportunity to serve Him in various ways and further helps us wash our sins. Not all get the opportunity to read or serve in Mahaparayan; only the chosen ones are chosen by Baba! Thank You Baba for everything and for all Your love and care. Keep believing Him and life will soon take a U-turn. 
Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg


Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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