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Sai Devotee Pushpa Bajaj from UAE says: Om Sairam to all devotees. I am Pushpa from UAE. I had several miracles after I started MahaParayan. But I would like to share the recent miracle with Baba. However recently I had a beautiful miracle which I wanted to share with all the devotees of Baba. I’m very thankful to Baba for making me join the MahaParayan.

I have a real estate in UAE, which I am operating from 2006 onwards there were many up and downs in real estate market but as everyone knows this time the market is extremely bad. As the market is bad so there are no buyer and tenants due to this I was in lot of tension how the market will improve. On Monday 20th of November, 2017 early morning I was doing Kakad aarti which I routinely do it. While I was doing aarti I was praying to Baba regarding my business. Suddenly I had heard Baba talking to me from His murthi saying why you have not taken me to your office. Take me there and I shall remove all your worries. I was surprised and tears rolled down my eyes. I took the murthi picture in my mobile (have attached the picture) and Prayed to Baba saying You are always with me.

Same day when I entered my office in the morning I opened my mobile prayed to Baba and sat on my seat. As soon as I sat I received a call from one of the customer who was asking for a land to buy. I gave him the details and he told me he would meet me in 30 minutes in the developer office. I was surprised and did not know what to do. I begged Baba to finish the deal and I would post my experience. As soon as I reached the developer’s office I met the local man who had called me and I was astonished to see that the man looked like Baba Himself. As if Baba has come to buy the land. In 10 Minutes time he gave the cheque without asking anything and told to book the land for him.

Is this not the Leela of Baba coming to me as a customer and giving me a handsome amount of commission. I love You Baba. Always be with me and all the devotees who are participating in Maha Parayan and also with those who did not get chance to read. Please bless all of us. Shower all your blessings and Love. Baba You always listen Your bhaktas. Reham Kar Baba, Reham Kar. Thank you Poonam Madani for showing me the path how to put my experience. Om Sai Ram. (MP- 75 Gulf Sai)

P.S. We shall soon start publishing one experience on daily basis as many experiences have been received. Till then Baba is making us select randomly and publish them. Don’t worry all those who have submitted your experiences shall get soon published. So have no anxiety. Please share your comments, it really matters a lot. You can share your experiences related ONLY to MahaParayan to and which are not related to mahaparayan on Devotees Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba

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  1. So happy fr u sis as baba again showed his mercy…baba bless all who are actually dependent on baba…. Om sai ram


    This is one of the most wonderfull leela ever i got to know,

    Surely Baba is with Always ,

    Best Wishes,Sehgar

  3. I'm so sorry pooja mam, I was just thinking why you didn't post my experience which I sent to u long back, just because I didn't mention group name also may be my experience is not worth enough to post in the blog. I thought you will only post experience after filtering which is worth to post in the blog.but after reading your disclaimer in this page I got to know you are posting in randomly not choosing the one and posting it .

    • Dont' worry it will get posted. Sai baba's timings are perfect. It will be posted as per Sai baba's wish. Keep doing parayan , Keep posting your experiences and Sai baba will definately publish your experiences

      OM SAI RAM

  4. Beautiful experience.. Thanku thanku thanku so much pushpaji for sharing this leela with us..sai reham nazar karna bachon ka palan karna

  5. Sairam Very blessed indeed to read such a wonderful experience…Ever grateful to Sai that His love guides and gaurds us..

  6. Sorry pooja mam… I thought that you post selected experience.. that's why I asked you… thaNku for clarifying.. actually.. I was waiting from post … Because I consider that baba will hear my thanku when it will get poated… Thanku so much..

  7. Even before we started this parayan, I have several instances where baba has helped me n also spoke to me in dreams and all those dreams have turned into reailty. As we started this mahaparayan I feel I have become much more closer to baba and I feel happy to read all those experiences. Trust me. In this entire world he is that who sees our sorrows n comes forward to show us a way out of problem. I would be glad if someone really helps me to right down all my experiences which I had come across till date. Om sai ram

  8. Why baba helps everyone except me. Why Baba gives me positive answers and it does not turn out to be true. I'm 34 and unmarried and suffering daily with inferiority and fear.

    • Hello. Do not worry. Baba is with everyone and treats everyone equally. He will surely answer your prayers. He has plans for all his children and he knows the best we deserve. So don't worry. Have faith in him and keep praying. Om sai ram

    • Baba will definately help you, do not worry. His plans are best. His timigs are also perfect. You will get a very good life partner which is beyond your imagination. Have faith in him and keep praying sai and keep doing parayans

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