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Sai Devotee Ruchi From India Says: Om Sai Ram! I want to share my experience of Mahaparayan on 1st day(30.09.17)

Early morning I got ready and went to Sai temple to read my chapter. After the completion of my chapter the priest of the temple started preparing Baba for morning abhishek. There were 2/3 aunties who were cleansing Baba’s charan with water and milk. I also started doing the same. Then pandit ji gave me water to clean charan. After Baba’s bath arti started. Many people came for arti. Suddenly Panditji asked me to do Baba’s pooja. I did pooja of my Baba in His temple. I felt so blessed!

After one day (01.10.17) I went to Krishna Nagar(Delhi) Sai temple to participate in Baba’s Mahapath in which we had to complete whole Sai Satcharitra in one day. I completed it in 9/10 hours and again read 10 chapters for someone else. Baba had chosen me for this too!

Ruchi Nigam.

Yes Ruchi ji very rightly said that we are indeed the chosen ones by our beloved Baba for His Project Mahaparayan and giving us an opportunity to serve Him; rather help ourselves only for our self evolution in a way. Jai Sai. – Pooja Garg

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  1. Such a beautiful experience. Yes Ruchi, you are definitely chosen by our beloved Baba for this wonderful work of Parayan. Baba bless you and your family always.
    Om Sai Ram.

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