Mahaparayan Made Me Realize The Bliss of Sadguru Sainath’s Leela In My Life

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Sai Devotee Priya Subramanian from Sydney says- Sai Ram I am Priya and as today I was given chapter 27 to read for the Mahaparayan. It reminded me of a Sai Leela and I am happy to share my Experience and Leela relating to this chapter, which occurred around one year ago.

It was 2.30 pm on a Saturday, I had finished work and was sitting on a bench in the mall waiting to be picked up. I was reading my Sai’s messages on my phone, when suddenly a young bespectacled man approached me and asked me if the tennis rackets under the bench belonged to me. I confirmed they were not mine. He then asked me if I was from India and I confirmed it. On hearing I was from India, he immediately held out the book that was in his hand and said “We go from place to place distributing books to those who need them.” In his hand he held the most Beautiful Divine copy of Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

He opened the book, turned the pages, and showed me a few illustrations. He asked which part of India I am, and when I replied Pune, he said he had visited Pune and lived there. He said no donation is needed but if you want to give something you can.

I took a $10 note from my wallet and gave it to him. He placed the Holy book in my hands, smiled and walked away. I held the precious book in my hand and after a moment I looked around to see where he was. There was no one, it was as if he had disappeared! Now normally volunteers from ISKCON do go about spreading the word of the Lord and distributing Holy Scriptures. However I live in Sydney and far away from the ISKCON temple, and no one can come inside the mall and distribute any material, they need to set up a proper kiosk, I walked around to see if there was any but could not find it. I was still puzzling over this, but feeling blissful as I held in my hands one of the most Holy books. It was, as I placed it in my area of worship at home when it struck me.

The young bespectacled man was Baba Himself. We all know our Sai can come in any form and bless us. I had not thought of even reading the Bhagavad-Gita and had no copies of the same. However just as Baba made Shama read Vishnu Sahasranama as it was beneficial to him, he consecrated the Bhagavad- Gita and has made me read it. I read the Holy book every day and am slowly trying to understand its contents. What can I say, I am speechless when I think about how He Himself blessed me by giving me the Holy Scripture, Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
Baba our Sadguru enlightens our lives by incessantly showering His blessings on us.


His ways are His ways; unfathomable and beyond our intellect. He decides who will read which chapter when and where. He is the Controller and Wirepuller of this Universe! Love You So much Baba. Proud to be Your devotee! Jai Sai…!
– Pooja Garg

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