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Sai Devotee Gayatri from Ireland says: Om Sairam. Hi I’am Devotee from Ireland. I am blessed to be a part of this Baba’s MAHAPARAYAN. I am very Thankful to Hetal ji and Pooja ji as through them I got to know about this opportunity.

Let me share my dream with you. It was a great awaiting day of MAHAPARAYAN. Early in the morning around five may be I saw a dream. It was dark and I saw bright light which was just like outline of Baba from His feet forming up to head and I noticed that a thread was tied to His leg, somebody was accompanying Him. Baba was holding a stick and a bag. As the Baba’s outline formed, He immediately turned back and I noticed some letters were written on His back. By the time I realized those letters my mind read them as chatra chapna( Hindi letters). Then I was thinking what was this and what were those words? Slowly I tried to read the letters they were written in Hindi language. They were the same letters what mind had read.

Sairam I want tell You that my language is not Hindi, but for Baba all are one. His ways are mysterious ways. Then later I got up. I was very happy that Baba blessed me with His darshan in dream on the first day of parayana (30th Sept 2017). I understood that my duty is to read and show or post Thumbs up in MP-Group I think. I got His blessings on that day by Baba. He is holding me and guiding me in every step.

My heartfelt Gratitude to Pooja ji who had really motivated me for group formation of 48 people in Ireland where there is no temple and I hardly knew any Sai devotee here. Thank you. Sairam made it possible! Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai. I am sure that Baba showers with miracles on everyone who loves Him. Jai Sai Baba. Thank You.

Gayatri (MP-86 )

It was a pleasure to have a team from Ireland as you had said as no Sai temple there and you wish to have one in Ireland. It was your hard work and willingness to serve Sai that made it possible. His ways are His ways! It was only Baba Who was motivating me all the while to motivate you all. Thanks a lot Gayatri ji for your valuable contribution for success of Mahaparayan. I too wish your wish be fulfilled soon. Jai Sai. – Pooja Garg

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  1. Very beautiful experience. Seriously, Baba’s ways are mysterious and His timing is always perfect. Om Sai Ram. Baba bless you & your family always.

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