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Sai Devotee Sri Laxmi Says: I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. I always feel Baba’s presence around me consoling me, guiding me, helping me, taking care of me. I am lady who believes that love will be never be successful either because of families denial or lover’s trust from my schooling. I always made my mind and heart to love the person whom I would get married and to have one man, one love for one life.

But God’s plans are always opposite to humans plan. I fell in love with a man who is the best. I used to respect and love him more than our Baba and my family. Baba showed that people can change, their priorities change with time. I realised no one is best other than our Baba. No love is greater than family’s love. It was a lesson for me. That man is not bad or good. With time everything changed.

I left everything to Baba and surrendered at His lotus feet saying I don’t know if he is correct for me or not. Whether I can be happy or not with him and his family. You take decision and lead my life. If he is the one for me make our marriage else make me get married to the person whom You choose. Whoever the person be, I don’t care but the marriage should be done on Thursday. If not I won’t marry anyone. I always get positive hints about my love that we both will get married on Thursday as we came together after our several breakups because of our both families. 6 years passed. I couldn’t not love or think of any man other than Him.

I got job with blessings of Baba. I met a guy who became my crush. I used to think myself if I get married to this guy it will be good, his name starts with Sai, his siblings has name Sai. May be his mother is a devotee of our Lord Sai. I may get chance to pray Baba without any problem and live happily in one of the Baba’s sweet home. Whereas with my love as he was Christian they won’t let me say a word also about Hindu God then how would I pray and my love’s mother is very strict, didn’t know how I would be happy when they all dislike me as I am Hindu woman. He then decided to marry the woman whom his parents show. I became fool and lost my education time career in this while.

Like this my thoughts were deviating which never happened in 6 years. I again surrendered to Baba saying, I don’t know how I feel. What is good and bad for me. Till now I was so strong to love that man from 6 years even though he lied, cheated and left me. Somehow or the other I thought You will change him and his family members thoughts and You will make our marriage. But now my heart is moving to other man who keeps me happy. And more than that I feel Your presence with him. You select one of the guy with whom I would be happy and make my marriage. I will not love anyone before marriage and get broken like this.

Later things got better between me and my crush. Every Thursday we used to wear same colour unknowingly. 1st I thought its coincidence. But later realised it was Baba’s blessings. I got shifted to the desk near to him. We became close. Daily I used to pray Baba if my crush is not Your selection keep me away from him. I’m scared that I will love him. Please control my feelings Baba.

Then after I started reading Mahaparayan. On Dussera, I wished him happy Dussera. It was our first communication out of the office. Then on 2nd parayan Thursday, I was very hungry and asked my friend we would go out and eat. There came my crush to accompany me. We three went out to eat. My crush showed his interest in words on me. I felt good. I was just casually working and came home. Next day, on Friday while seeing Baba’s photo I realised all about my crush. May be Baba was telling to forget my past and move on in life without waiting for my love.

I don’t know with whom I might get married. I will not love or having feelings for anyone except for the man whom I get married. Because I already went through the pain of losing love. I am not ready to face it again and again. I decided to start my love life after marriage only.

I’m very happy that Baba blessed me to spend some time with my Crush happily.
Hope you all underatand the feeling when our crush comes to us, show interest in us, how happy excited we be. How lucky we feel.I’m much more happy because all that happened on Thursday.
That too durting Mahaparayan journey.

All I want to say is Thank You Baba for giving me some sweet memories. I don’t care whether I get married to my crush or not. I am happy to know that he also likes me. I’m happy by spending time with him. It is enough for me.
Not only had these blessings, Baba blessed my family so well. In my family, we never celebrated festivals all together. From 10 years we just wore new dress and would be at home. But on this Dussera, my dad who always sleeps till 11 to 12pm on festivals, sees T.V., eats and sleeps again, he himself went out and brought puja samagri, fruits, sweets, wore new dress, did puja to Durga Maa in my home. It was not less than a miracle for all of us. I felt very good and happy where we all were together on festival day.

All this started before I started reading Mahaparayan. My mum became busy in cooking prasad for puja and dad was busy with decorating flowers to Durga Maa. I went and lit diya in front of Sai Baba’s photo and surrendered myself at His feet. Then I read Mahaparayan. I got answers that you will be free from debt. We are paying so much interest every month that there are days we starved for some years. In the 2nd week of parayan, Friday, one aunty came and offered money and told to clear all your debts. We just need to pay 6000 for 12months. Actually we are paying 20k every month on interests. It was a great relief for my family members. Now we can clear our debts. Save money for our marriages. We can buy gold for ourselves. You all can understand how much big blessing it was for us.

Baba blessed me and my family before reading Mahaparayan only. He made communication with my crush which I tried for many days. We all saw my dad as completely a different person. My dearest friend came to home with sweets who had stopped coming to my home. I used to ask Baba to bring back my love for 6 years. But now I stopped asking. Even if I try to ask again, before asking only I say that Baba You only decide. I will accept Your decision whatever it is. Financial problem is yet to be solved in November at once by which we all would be free from stress, mental sickness, stupid words from others.

I feel like all my problems are getting solved one by one. I never expected this much from Baba through Mahaparayan. I thought it would be blessings of my love life. But all the above things happened in my life. It is like all things are getting placed correctly. It was like a miracle to happen about financial problems to end in just 8 to 9 days where I expected all this to happen in at least 1 to 2 years. I understand the difference between 8 to 9 days and 600 days! About my crush I didn’t even have a single thought that we would go out to eat without team. And myself texting him first. About my dad to behave so well like a responsible father. Which all happened on Mahaparayan Thursdays.

Thank You so much Baba. Really thanks a lot. Koti Koti Pranam Saimaa. I clearly understood that Your decisions, Your choice is always much better than mine.

Actually I stopped asking wishes from Baba from 3 years. I say, I surrender to You Baba, You decide and show me the way. Protect me. Baba made me complete my PG which I never wanted to. Baba gave job and helped us financially. Now when I started Mahaparayan, I told the same, I completely surrender to You Saimaa again and again. This life is Yours. Do whatever You want. Then I started reading parayan. Sai please help me to complete this parayan till last.

The only thing got worse is between me and my superior in the office. 1st week there were arguments. 2nd week, Thursday and Friday, Baba showed their true faces to me. Things got worst on Friday, where I didn’t believe myself that I spoke in such a way taking stand for myself, which must have happened 5 months back only. Whether I loose job or not, I’m not bothered because Baba might have better plan for me. I finally stopped going to breakfast and lunch with my superiors who always gossip, who are having 3 to 5 persons with them. I always felt uncomfortable for their bad way of thinking. I always prayed God to give me some good friends. Baba gave friends also and he Himself came in the form of new joinee (Sai Tejaswi) into my team. 1st I her ignored as for some reasons, but she is the one who stood for me and helped me a lot. Now with these arguments, I moved away from superiors and joined with people who are good. This proves that Everything happens for good. I’m glad that I am away from wicked people who have one thing in heart, one thing in mind and say some other words out to the world. I wish and Hope I don’t face any problem in office further. Protect me Appa. I am scared.

And Baba has showered his blessings in all possible ways. Thank You so much.
I am so sorry for the very long post. Thank you all for reading it patiently. Om Sairam. Jai Sairam. Sri Sairam.

Sri Laxmi ( MP-134)

Yes Good Things Will Surely Happen and Baba would showering His grace. We just need to hold on to Him with faith and keep doing Parayan, naam jaap with love and devotion as well. Jai Sai. Love You Baba so much…! – Pooja Garg

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  1. Sri Laxmi ji, shraddha-saburi is all Sai asks us ever so be committed to that forever. Tests are there obviously just to purity ourselves. On Sai Ram.

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