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Sai Devotee Vijaya Says: Dear All Devotees my experience starts like this: On night of 30th that is on 1st October midnight, I got a dream that I finished reading some big book, it was very a big book like a Granth. Then immediately an eagle came and sat on my head and pressed my head with it’s big claws like a mother presses head of her child. I felt that why an eagle; as eagle is inauspicious but deep in my heart I felt that its Baba Who has kept His hands on my head and assuring me that sleep peacefully because I was struggling for sleep for past 2 weeks due to nightmares of spirits and ghosts which may sound ridiculous to all. But I was really suffering with uneasiness.

Then the next day when I woke up I was so fresh as I never had such a peaceful sleep. I am busy with my exam preparation which is tomorrow(5 October 2017) so I just ignored this incident. But just now when I boarded train for office, something happened and I wished in my heart that if I open my mobile, I should see Baba first. And lo it was the MP-126 team experience. After reading that experience I felt Baba wants me to share my experience also with others. Later I gave my exam on 5th which was like one of the toughest exams of the world and no one achieves qualifying scores especially in 1st attempt. But as always said “Why fear when Baba is here”, and my Baba made it a miracle. I cleared my exam with overall score of 73 % which is good for me.

I know Baba will take care of everything as He is always conscious and concerned about His children and He comes running for their help.

Baba it is a miracle for me. I am a small ant. I have no words to express Thanks to You. Baba please help other devotees also and Sai Parivaar (family) should grow like this always. Om Sai Ram

Vijaya (MP-126)

It’s really Baba’s grace on You that very next day when Mahaparayan began (30th Sept) Baba came in Your dream and took away all your worries. That is what makes our Baba our Maa too. Jai Sai. Love You Baba so much…! 

– Pooja Garg

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