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Sai Devotee Divya Murali Says: Hello Sairam, yesterday night (6 Oct 2017), I had a dream where I kept walking in some streets, somewhere in Chennai. I was looking for a Goddess temple and trying to find out where it was. With someone’s guidance on the road I finally reached the temple.

The whole temple was very crowded. Everyone was talking about Mahaparayan and they said it was a special Thursday today because of Mahaparayan. I didn’t understand why they talked about this in a Goddess temple. But to my awe, when I entered, I saw a huge Baba statue in the Garbagraha (centre) of temple. I felt so happy!

I am so grateful to Pooja ji for making this happen. I used to get a lot of Baba dreams 4 years back, but I never got any dreams in the recent years. I am really very very happy that Baba blessed not only me but all Mahaparayan devotees in the temple. I even remember some unknown faces ( who knows, may be they are all part of this Mahaparayan)! Sairam! Pooja ji – one request, kindly provide my name only and not my email id.

Om Sai Ram!
Divya Murali

It is not me Divya ji to make it happen! IT’S ONLY AND ONLY OUR MOST MERCIFUL SAI MAA WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE! You may say that I am very, very fortunate enough that He chose me as one of the instruments for His Mahaparayan Project!

It is commendable team work with tremendous hard work, pure love, devotion and efforts put in by all the volunteers to serve Baba and make this Mahaparayan possible with Baba’s grace, love and guidance at each and every step; else I alone could have done nothing. Jai Sai. Love You Baba so much…!

– Pooja Garg

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