Shirdi Sai Baba Blessed Us To Do Annadaan Sewa During Mahaparayan

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says: Hello everyone. I am just a small devotee of Baba. I wanted to share this experience which happened 1 week back, although not directly related to Mahaparayan but happened during Mahaparayan period. I wanted to visit Baba’s Mandir on Thursday after Parayan completion but couldn’t visit due to some reason, hence me and my mom decided to visit on Saturday.

On Saturday we first went to Hanuman Mandir, had a blissful darshan and prashad and then headed for Baba’s Mandir. When we reached there, Mandir was totally empty. Also the glass panel in which Baba’s murti is placed was closed. I realized it was 1-2 pm and at this time Mandir remains closed for Darshan. I had taken two coconuts with me, one as an offering for Dhuni and one as an offering for my Loving Baba. I searched for Pujari ji, but he was also resting, so I decided not to disturb him. I offered one coconut to Dhuni and touched the other coconut with Baba’s Padukas and Baba’s small Murti kept outside glass panel and brought it back home with me.

Although I was happy that I got Baba’s Darshan but still was not satisfied as couldn’t offer my Baba coconut properly. Same day at night after having dinner I was busy with my studies. Suddenly we heard someone calling outside our home. My father went and checked, He was a homeless person who was asking for food. It was past 10 pm with chilly night. We weren’t expecting anyone to come at this hour, as we live in a kind of deserted area with few neighbours. He was asking for food and was clad in only shirt, pant and slippers on such a chilly night. My mom immediately prepared roti and bread for him. Meanwhile we asked him about his whereabouts, to which He answered that He was homeless and hungry. He couldn’t find any dhaba which was open, then He saw lights on in our house and came there. We packed him food and some clothes and an old jacket. He went away with it.

I didn’t pay much attention to this incident as I was just happy with the fact that we could help someone that day. It was only my mom who said that maybe He was Baba. Then it struck me, that He was really my Baba! I was discontent that I couldn’t offer the coconut to Him and lo He came and had food from us. I was really wonderstruck with His Leela and how He fulfills even our small wishes. Also I realized that we went at a perfect time to Mandir, as it was not crowded and had blissful Darshan of Baba to our heart’s content. Also we had the coconut that I touched with Baba’s Padukas as Prashad, although it contained just a spoonful of water but it was so sweet as if it was dissolved with sugar. I sincerely wanted to share this experience with you all. May Baba bless everyone with health and happiness
Sai Blesses Us In Various Forms- Even A Small Wish Cannot Go Unnoticed By Our Genie Baba.

Om Sai Ram

Baba always encourages good thoughts. He Himself comes running to fulfill the earnest desires of His devotees and also makes His presence truly felt. Really His Ways Are His Ways. Jai Sai. Love You Baba So Much.

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– Pooja Garg

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