Shirdi Sai Baba Taught Me To Control Anger For A Happy Married Life

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Shirdi Sai Devotee M.Satyanarayana From India Says: My Name is Satya. Sai Ram to all dear Sai Devotees. By Baba’s Grace I became part of Baba’s Mahaparayana through one of my friend. I didn’t know much about Sai Baba before 2007. In 2007 one of my friends got government job, after that he went to Shirdi and that was the first time when I came to know about Baba.

By listening to Baba’s miracle, a thought came into my mind: that I would also visit Shirdi if I get a job and not even 2 months after this thought, by Baba’s grace, I got the job. I went to Pune for training and there my friend asked whether I would also like to visit Shirdi with him the next day. I agreed and both of us went to Shirdi in the next day morning. That was my first visit to Shirdi and I became Sai Baba’s devotee forever. Since then every year I am visiting Shirdi. I have a lot of experiences with Baba. Now I will share my experience with you all after starting the MahaParayan.

From past few years I have inculcated a habit of giving Morning and Night Aarti to Baba followed by listening to a Chapter on Internet everyday from Sai Satcharitra. After joining in Mahaprayan group I had an opinion that as anyway I am listening every day a chapter, why should I do this parayana again and I did not even read the rules also of MahaParayan in Whatsapp group properly due to some work that day and so I skipped reading the alloted chapter on the First Parayan ( Sorry that I did not inform and thanks to the one who read on behalf of me that day), I am sorry Baba for not doing Parayan.

Then for second parayan again my group leader messaged me about alloted chapter and asked me to finish in time. Since it was a Sunday, I said ok let’s read the chapter today. Before doing parayan, I along with my family (wife and 2 kids) went for lunch outside and did some shopping as well. It was around 2:30 pm and I was bit exhausted and was feeling sleepy; so told my wife that we should leave but she was still saying that there was still some more shopping to be done. So then fight had started between us and after sometime I became furious and shouted loud enough that she must stop arguing. People on road were staring at us, she got angry as well and asked me to stop the bike and started walking with kids.

I followed them for some distance and asked her to sit on the bike but she denied. So I started riding back to home alone. Before reaching, she called me that no autos were available and that I had to pick them up and so I went back and picked them and then finally reached home. After that I wanted to take a nap but for some reason I could not sleep. So I woke up and opened whatsapp, saw that my group leader following up about my parayan. So I didn’t want to delay it further and finished reading my Parayan.

Generally whenever we both quarrel we won’t talk to each other properly for 5 to 7 days. But that day surprisingly from evening onwards we were talking normally as if nothing had happened and that night I had a dream in which Baba taught a valuable lesson which I want to share with you all as below-

In My Dream: My wife and kids were walking on road and I was walking a bit far from them. Suddenly one dark and wicked guy came in between and pushed my wife. She fell down along with my kid and was slightly wounded but not the kids. When I turned to her, another guy (my wife’s relative) who was carrying something on his head had threw it away and rushed very fast to her and started beating that dark guy. Later the remaining public also joined him and started beating that bad guy.

Does any one understand or guess what could be the meaning of this dream before reading further? First it reminded of Chapter 14 from Sai Satcharitra that how Baba asked a lady dakshina of 6 Rupees ( Lust, anger,avarice,..etc) to surrender before him and how he is going to take care of us. Let me explain what I understood from this dream or how I co-relate to it. The Dark guy whom I saw in my dream was none other than “ANGER“. When in my dream we were going our way but he (dark guy) attacked us and kicked. In real we had nice lunch and enjoying together with shopping etc., suddenly this anger came and attacked us (like the dark guy in the dream). Then the further interpretation of my dream is that Baba came as one of my relative and fought with that wicked guy and protected us.

After reading my parayan I and wife talked nicely as if nothing had happened (meaning Baba kicked and protected us from anger like in dream how our relative kicked and protected from that dark guy). Anger is one of the biggest enemy in our lives, if we are trapped in this, our lives would be full of miseries. As we have Baba in our lives He is helping us to overcome from those enemies and guiding us to go on a good path. So my dear friends my humble request to all of us is, we should control our anger, other enemies and should follow Baba’s Path.

By reading and chanting Baba’s name whenever we are in such type of situations; can help us to control our vices, it is one of the best remedy in which I strongly believe. Definitely Baba will help us all to overcome it. Another question raised in my mind, what would have happened, if I had not done parayana that day, firstly I am very sure that we would have not talked to each other for some days. Secondly there was a chance that she could have left me and go to her native for some time, then what would happen to my daughter’s study and my sansara? Baba saved us from this painful situation. Thank you all for reading my Experience and sorry if there are any mistakes in my narration.

Though we Ignorant Souls Forget Our Duties Towards Our Deva, He The Ever Merciful Sadguru Sai Will Never Forget you And Will stand Like a Shining Knight To Protect You And Your Loved Ones.

Bow To Shri Sai Peace Be To All

Mahaparayan has been a blessing and would continue to be so as Baba had told one of the devotees Soumya ji that It is for Samasta Loka. Baba coming in dream and giving orders for Mahaparayan and much more to it undoubtedly proves that Baba is Still Alive and aware of every little thing in our mind. Jai Sai. Love You So Much Baba.
– Pooja Garg
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