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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sri Lakshmi from India says : Sai Ram. I am Sri Lakshmi. My birthday was on 21st November. From 4 years, I’m going to Shirdi on my birthday. It started with the birthday when my love didn’t wish me and I didn’t care about anything except waiting for his call and message to wish me. I kept crying, gloomy all day. It was the sad birthday I ever had because of my depression. Then at the end of the day, my two cousin sisters came with a gift. I became happy and opened the gift. It was a beautiful photo of our Sai Baba. I got tears and felt like Baba saying “I am there for you, I came for you, I am with you”. The whole day I kept saying I don’t have anyone in my life, no one loves me, no one needs me. But Baba, He Himself came to me to make me smile, to say He is always there for me. I remembered immediately that if the Baba photo or idol comes to you, it is Baba Himself Who came to you to help and protect you. I felt so grateful and thankful to Baba that He came to me. I told Baba, You came to me but for next birthday I will come to You, I will come to Shirdi . But Baba I heard no one can come to Shirdi or leave Shirdi without Your blessings. Please bless me to come to Shirdi on my birthday.

And the next year, I asked my parents instead of buying 1500-2000/- Rs dress and giving party to friends, I will go to Shirdi with that money. My parents accepted and my mother accompanied me. We both went to Shirdi and I asked silly things to Baba which Baba gives me without any discrimination. I asked Baba, I wish we wear same color dress, it will be nothing less than a miracle if Shirdi Sai dress and my birthday dress colors are same. I stayed for 3 days in Shirdi.1st day, I wore pink and white dress, even Baba wore same color. I was so happy. 2nd day shej aarti, Baba wore purple color and I wore purple sweater during that time only. I was so happy when I saw purple color dress on Him. I was saying to others, I and Baba wore same color, matching dress with joy. They looked at me like I’m stupid but I didn’t care, haha, I was just excited and happy that Baba fulfilled my wish on second day also.

I slept in Sai mandir only to attend for kakad aarti. While sleeping, I thought what if tomorrow also I and Baba wear matching colors. Again I thought, there was no limit for my wishes, twice Baba fulfilled my wishes, its enough now and sleep. When I woke up and went to Baba, I just got tears seeing Baba wearing full yellow dress and I wearing full yellow dress holding my purple sweater in my hand. My joy had no limits. Every word is listened by Baba and He responds to my every thought. Moreover, Baba made me stand in front of the queue where I had beautiful darshan of Saimaa. Aarti was till 5 o’clock. After that we had to move, but we all stayed till 6 o’clock in front of Baba. I kept seeing Baba and I forgot everything and myself.

My 1st birthday in Shirdi was so special. Then I asked Baba, don’t know after marriage how my husband will be, whether He will allow me to come to You or not, till I get married please let me to come to You and have darshan. Let me come on every birthday from now on. Successfully, next birthday also I was in Shirdi and enjoyed. Third birthday, as my grandmother expired and we should not visit temples for one year, my parents said no to Shirdi. Then again on the 4th birthday, this year, I went to Shirdi . I went to Shirdi nearly 6 times but not even once I got chance to attend madhyan aarti. By 11.30, I got darshan and left. I was thinking At Least this time I should attend.

At night I went to queue for kakad aarti, so many people were there. I thought this time, I may stand at the end of the room. I thought Its ok fine to stand anywhere. Morning, when we went, guard stopped me and made us wait for sometime, then he released us. I was shocked to see the room was full and our queue was sitting outside of samadhi mandir. I sat down on the floor and looked for Baba, there He was, straight to me, no one between us, not even pandits, they were standing to the right and left sides. I just got tears. “Om Jai Jagadish Hare” song started, I started crying, for every word I got tears don’t know for what, when the line “Mata pita tum mere” came I cried like a baby, lost control totally. I lost control in 2-3 mins only and sang aarti with tears in my eyes. This time, every word of aarti touched my heart and for no reason I kept crying.

In this while, I told myself everyone will see don’t cry, they will think badly, Mummy will see control yourself, why am I crying like a baby, but in 2- 3 mins I lost control and got mesmerised in seeing Baba and hearing beautiful words of Aarti. After aarti, we got inside and going to Baba, I asked Baba this time what gift You will give to me? Hmm.. Bless me with afternoon Aarti, and send me home happily. Whenever I try, You throw me out of the madhyan aarti. Give me place at the corner at least, somewhere at the end of the room. Just let me stay and sing the Aarti. Please give me this as my birthday gift.

At noon, with my family we started for darshan, the time was given for us between 10 to 11.30. I felt bad saying to Baba, “this time also You won’t allow me na?” While we were going, our queue was sent to another floor, I got excited and that way was to Baba. They sent us to another floor where I realised that I had to be in queue and sing the aarti in queue only. We waited and waited, guard came and released us, I was filled with joy, thinking Baba allowed for madhyan aarti. When I went upstairs, hall was full of crowd, they sent us to mukh darshan area, where I ended up at the corner of the room. I could not see Baba also because of crowd. I was laughing at myself, saying, so I asked corner and end of the room and You gave me the same, I asked not more not less. Good. Very nice. Ok I will sing aarti, at least this corner place You gave me, thank You. (With anger and Unsatisfied heart). Even though I could not see You, You can hear my voice and my aarti, I will sing and You listen to it. (With Thankful heart). Aarti started, I started singing, no one was singing the Aarti except me and one uncle, we both were saying every word of aarti, I lost myself this time also and had tears while singing. I felt my own feelings of love to Baba from my words. It was such a good feeling. My mind and heart didn’t wander at all like how it becomes every day, didn’t ask any wish, didn’t think of anything except Baba’s face and aarti words. Wholeheartedly, I forgot everything and sang aarti.

This leela was just a reminder to me that, there is no rule that I should be seen, wherever you be and whenever it be, I hear to you. And I also felt, like Baba saying, is there anything that I don’t give you which you asked me. You asked to attend madhyan Aarti, I gave you that blessing. Every time I sing aarti, my mind thinks of so many things, wishes, requesting Him. I always feel bad that at least once I don’t sing without wandering my mind and heart. How many times I try I end up asking or requesting or thinking of something while singing aarti. But this time, I forgot myself only and sang kakad aarti and madhyan aarti with Baba face in mind and heart and aarti on lips. Thank You Baba. Really thank You so much for everything. I feel so blessed with You. I feel Your love. I feel Your guidance. I feel Your protection towards me. Let’s be like this till I die. Never ever leave me Baba. I can’t live without You. I keep my status, my love for You is eternal, but You made me feel that Your love for me is also eternal.

And for this birthday also, I and my Baba wore same color dress. Matching colors again. Aren’t the Baba’s leelas Amazing, wonderful and beautiful ? My friends planned for my birthday, but like every time, I say to myself that no one is important than Baba, meeting Baba comes first before anyone. And I decided to go to Shirdi. Put Baba as Your priority, Baba will make everything good. I love You Paaaappa .

In this Journey of Life Let’s Grow Year On Year Under Baba’s Guidance And Ever Embracing Love .

Om Sai Ram!
Sri Lakshmi

Sri Laxmi ji, your beautiful experience filled with so much love for Baba again proves the uniqueness of each devotee’s relationship with Baba. 

 Don’t have enough words to thank you. This leela got tears in my eyes. Last few years I have been asking Baba to bless me with my birth – day only in Shirdi, as due to natural problems it has always been post celebration of my birthday in Shirdi. This coming week is my birthday and today morning I was praying Baba for the same gift but was not sure because of same problems.Then now when I took today’s post for scheduling I was stunned and felt as if Baba has answered my prayers. Sai Maa, Awaiting Your Call to Shirdi. Love You Sai Maa. 

Pooja Garg

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  1. Baba it's such a wonderful, beautiful and blessed leela.As pooja ji said brought tears to my eyes lakshmi ji thanks for sai ram.

  2. Wow wow amazing are leelas of baba. Lakshmi ji baba is so kind. I got tears in my eyes too. Even i start crying hearing Mat pita tum mere’. Om sairam.

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