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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From Malaysia says: Dear Ms Pooja Garg, Om Sai Ram. I wish to remain anonymous and I am from Malaysia and one of the member in the Mahaparayan group in Malaysia. First of all I am so blessed and thank Baba for choosing me in this Mahaparayan journey. Without His blessings and grace, I am sure that I could not have been part of this. Thank You Baba and thank you to you too Ms Pooja.

Now, coming to my experience. Actually its about my son who is studying German A Level in Malaysia to get admission in German University. He was so excited to study in German and also decided to enter a University of his choice in Kassel, Germany which is one of the best Universities. He has put all the effort in his study to score good marks and yes, he did score excellent marks in his first level exam.

However, the day came when his second level exam was to be announced and he was shattered that he could not score good marks in his German paper and the doubt if he could travel to German for his further study; came like a flash in his mind and in my mind too. He was so disappointed that even his teacher could not believe that he scored bad in his German paper. I was praying intensely to Baba that if my son can still pursue his study in German with his low marks, then I will write this experience for Mahaparayan group.

Our beloved Baba did fulfil our wish and my son’s teacher informed that he still could pursue his further study in German. What a relief we felt! Now, which University? With his mark, he could not enter his chosen University and he was enrolled in a different University. However, we accept as it is as we surrender to Baba to give him the right place to study and for him to be able to go to German is already a blessing from Baba for us.

Then, here the miracle happens. Baba knows our intention and if our intention is good, of course Baba will fulfil our wish and yes Baba did fulfil my son’s wish. Somehow or rather, his given University was already full and he was transferred to the Kassel University of his choice. Now we are waiting for his visa approval and he is all set to go to German and that too to his chosen University in March 2018.

So do I need to say that all this is Baba’s grace Who fulfilled my son’s wish much beyond our hopes and understanding. And I can say that all this is because of the blessings of Mahaparayan through our Beloved Baba. Thank You Baba so much.

Om Sai Ram

Baba…! What leelas and Sports You play Deva ? Like a magnet You pull us to You! Thanks for the gift of Mahaparayan and many more through it. Love You Our Sai Mai. Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg

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