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Anonymous Devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba from Singapore says: “Om Sai Ram” I am from MP 129 group, my journey with Sai Baba began when I asked a question to a friend, how do you know who is your Guru. And she replied instantly that Guru will choose you and come in your life. At that point in 2016 I had just left a job which was not serving me well, had lots of internal office issues which disturbed me and I resigned from the job. After resigning I was also looking out for other roles, but being unaware that Baba had something else planned for me.

I had planned a trip to India the same year, and while on my trip I was constantly coming across Baba in the form of pictures, letters, in shops, car wind screens. I didn’t know that this was my calling and the right time for me to enroll myself in Baba’s Darbaar. Baba was attracting me towards His grace just like the sparrow with a thread tied to his feet. During this time, I was getting to know Baba through reading Sai Satcharitra and, I believe Baba gave me an indication to observe the “Sai 9 Thursday Vrat”. It miraculously appeared before me when my time had come for meeting with Baba. This vrat book fell from a book shelf that I was randomly cleaning and out of all the books on this shelf, the Sai vrat book had to fall on me. I was completely unaware that I already had this precious book at home all this while. I took this as Baba’s indication for me and started the vrat with full devotion.

The book states that one’s wishes will be fulfilled after doing this vrat, during this vrat I made a wish list about the changes that I want in my life and career. After completion, I waited for months, but nothing changed as much, I was dejected, but still hopeful and holding on to my master Sai Baba. As Baba mentioned in Sai Satcharitra about the mango tree which bears fruits, but not all flowers turn into mangoes, some fall off by wind and only a few mangoes stay. That kept me going.

I would like to mention through my experience how Baba came to help me, I had lost a gold anklet while I was out, which belonged to my niece. I was very much afraid as this was my niece’s first gold ornament. I searched high and low for it but could not find it. Then I was really upset and told Baba that, “I prayed to you all this while with full devotion, please save me from this guilt that I’m carrying”, the very next day, I received a call saying that the gold anklet has been found and I need to collect it.

I immediately went to collect it and saw a Chinese man with the gold anklet, I asked how did he managed to find it, he said it was lying on the road side. I was so happy to receive it and thanked him with all my heart. After he left it occurred to me that the man was Baba, as it can’t be a coincidence since I had searched the area high and low right after I realized it was missing. As Baba says that He can come in any form. I thought to myself if this was Baba I will not be able to see him again and until now I never seen that man again, though he claimed to live in the same apartment.

This increased my faith in Baba gradually, but still my wishes for improving my life were pending.
Months went by and I came across this group of Mahaparayan and I enrolled for it. I was first hesitant in
doing this as I thought it’s a huge commitment, but I did this for Baba only. I started Mahaparayan, during this time I was motivated to restart my job search again, I attended interviews but nothing
worked for me and again I was disappointed. But I guess Baba was working behind the scenes for me.
Baba made me join a course which allowed me to enhance my skills in one of the top Universities in
Singapore, which is hard to get in. I successfully completed the course. He also made me attend some
Networking meetups and workshops to motivate me further and rebuild my confidence professionally.

Now, I truly believe that Baba’s method of working on each devotee is different just like stated in Sai Satcharitra. Just recently I had attended an interview in a bank thinking that this was Baba’s indication to me. During the interview, I cleared the first round and went for a second interview and was eagerly waiting for that offer. But in the meantime, I was offered another role that fits within my expectation and also tallied with my wishlist.

Interestingly I was waiting for the offer from the bank as I thought that was Baba’s wish for me, but Baba had different plans, despite of clearing the 2nd round of interviews. It’s already a very tough job market and much more difficult to get an interview and land a job, but still by Baba’s grace I cleared the 2nd round with another company and was immediately offered the role via email, smoothly without the least negotiation or delay.

I will be starting my new job soon, I just pray to Baba that he lovingly guides me in my new journey as for me it’s a new beginning after all the hurdles I faced in my career and life. I am a silent member of the “Baba Malik” group but I always check in for motivational quotes by Baba. It makes me feel like Baba knows what is in our mind. Thanks to MP- 129 for all your support and encouragement. Now I can’t imagine life without Sai Satcharitra teachings and my Sai Family.

Om Sai Ram
Anonymous Devotee

We are really blessed to have Baba as our Guru. When He is there holding our hand He will take us straight to our destination avoiding the ditches, wolves, tigers on the way. None can be as merciful as Him. The fact that He responds to our every little thought itself proves not only His omniscience but also His love and concern for us. Love You Saimaa. Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg

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