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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Girija ji from India says : Om Sai Ram. I would like to share a divine experience with my Sai family which happened in February 2018, after I started my Mahaparayan. On one wednesday evening I felt feverish and on checking, the fever was running rather high. As I am a fourth stage breast cancer patient and under medication in Apollo hospital, Chennai, the doctor has asked me to report if I have fever. So I contacted the doctor and to my dismay, he advised me to report to emergency immediately.

Now rather than the fever, the fact that I would not be able to do khichdi parayan, Mahaparayan, Naam Saptah and Sai koti etc the next day was worrying me much. I prayed to Sai Maa fervently and took Sai Satcharitra along with me to hospital. On the safer side, while travelling towards the hospital, at 7 pm, I asked Archana ji who is a member of khichadi group to read the chapter for me and report on Thursday. She, being a divine soul, readily accepted and that gave me peace of mind.

See the divine ways of Sai. He has also made self healing possible for me by giving me the fortune of being attuned to reiki at first level by Jaya Wahi di. There I met so many adorable Sai devotees as Sai Healers and I asked them to pray for me on my way to hospital. They had arranged for group prayers at a specified time that night itself and showered their love and prayers on me. Dear Jaya Wahi di, my Guru, had asked the Delhi healers to pray for me as well. With all this support and prayers, His grace showered on me beyond my imagination!

In the hospital, I was given bed no.1008, totalling to 9, Baba’s number, and at once I was sure that He was with me. The doctor was concerned about my blood count as I was taking chemo tablets. If the low CBC was the cause for fever, I would have to stay in the hospital for few days. But the blood report which we got at 10 p.m was normal and in fact good, and the fever too abated a bit. Wonder of wonders, I got discharged the same night at 10.30 pm and I reached home at 11 pm, enabling me to read the allotted chapter and Hanuman Chalisa at 4 am on the next day.

I am short of words to express the love of our Sai Maa and His awesome miracles. I have shared three experiences in Hetalji’s blog also. I told Him, the first thing in the morning I would do is to share the experience with my Sai Family. So I shared it in the khichadi group the next day itself.

By always remembering His name and doing good to others, He will surely hold our hands tightly and will never let us fall and be hurt. The child may perhaps let the grip go, but the father will never loosen His grip. Sai is verily our dearest Father and most loving Mother. We should never doubt His love even when facing the most adverse condition. His ways are divine and we are just mortals, so we may not comprehend them fully. But believe that He is always there for us guarding and guiding us in His own way in this life and even afterwards. Om Sai Para Brahmanaa Namaha.

Om Sai Ram

Sai is not only our Baba but our most merciful mother too. This merciful mother cannoy see anyone in pain but always working towards our spiritual progress and washing our sins in best possible way. Really blessed to be our Sai’s children. Love You Sai. Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja GArg

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