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Shirdi Sai Devotee Srilaxmi from India says: Sairam. Omsairam! Hi everyone, I’m Srilaxmi from Hyderabad. I want to share a beautiful experience with you all where I experienced Shirdi Sai Baba’s beautiful darshan in Shirdi changing from a big statue in a plate to a small smiling statue into my hands

Last Thursday, that is on 15.03.2018, as I do night shift job, I sleep all the day. Afternoon I got a dream, where I was in Shirdi rushing for darshan of Baba, one pandit announced looking at me that Baba’s murti is going for procession. I immediately got up and went to see Baba. Pandit was carrying a big Aarti plate on which Baba’s statue was there which was very heavy and of our tall human’s height. Pandit handed it over to me. I hold that big plate and another man came to hold the plate. We both were holding and I found difficulty as that man was either pushing the plate up or pulling down the plate down. I said Baba Baba, pandit appeared and stretched his legs long(as if he is a toy, it was funny and I laughed).

Pandit said what can we do if he is like that. All of a sudden, that big plate turned into beautiful sitting positioned Baba statue with a smiling face looking at me. I was so happy to hold my Baba in my hands with a beautiful smile( whenever I see Baba idol or photo I always search for beautiful smile and eyes towards me). And I woke up. When I woke up I remembered immediately that it was aThursday.

Aww it was like happened then only. I still remember Baba’s big plate and idol on it, His small idol which fits in my hand easily with a beautiful smile. I told Baba, Thank You so much and I’m very grateful to You Baba for this dream. Thank You so much.

Actually, I got this dream in the afternoon, but in the morning 4.45 am I got words from my superior which made me cry and felt very sad thinking why I had to hear words when I did nothing wrong and why my every superior target’s me closing all the doors for my career. Why people always criticize the weak people ? Why you don’t allow me to give them answer harshly, rudely, to shut their mouths. You changed me by saying keep quiet, don’t argue, avoid controversy, I will take care of everything. I keep quiet because of You. But if I keep quiet they all are playing with me and my heart. If I keep quiet, this continues whenever I go. I cried and slept. By the time I woke up I remember only Baba and the darshan.

That Thursday, from 12am I’m getting Baba’s darshan. My friend kept Baba pics as her whatsapp status. Then I saw my crush after a long time which reminded me that it was a Thursday. (I asked Baba atleast show him on Thursdays). And afternoon, I got dream. Thank You so much Baba, I feel like You said that You are with me before I got hurt by my superior.

Please be with me Baba, I beg You. You know how hard things are becoming in the office. They are looking for a chance to put me down. Guard me,protect me and help me. Please paapa.

Then next Friday(16.03.2018) afternoon, I got a dream of Lord Shiva. I and my mum were cleaning house. It was a different house not which we live but the marbles and walls are similar to ours. I came out and through window I was looking. My mum was trying to clean the candles drop like dust on floor which were not going at all. Suddenly it turned into a big Shiva Linga with a garland on it, Udi on it and some flowers. Seeing that I told mum, I said that don’t remove it, it is Lord Shiva. I woke and up and the dream ended.

I told Baba that I’m very very very thankful to You Baba. Yesterday Your darshan and today again in the form of Lord Shiva. Thank You for blessing me so much. I’m really sorry for not chanting Sai Samarth for 21 days, for not reading Ramayan, for skipping Nav Guruvar vrat last Thursday just to get some sleep, for not able to donate food as You said. In Spite of all these faults, still You blessed me and You are showing constantly that You are with me.

I’m really very grateful to You Paapa. I surrender myself to You Saimaa. Sorry for not doing anything which You said. Give me sometime I will do it. Om Sai Ram Sri Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram.

Om Sai Ram

The life ahead can only be glorious if we learn to live in total harmony with the Lord. Thank You Baba for always being there for Your children. Love You Saimaa. Jai Jai Ho Sai…!

-Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen…!

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