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Shirdi Sai Devotee B Krishnapriya from India says: Sairam. This is my experience with Baba in getting bank job. Please bear with my lengthy post. I completed my Btech in 2015 after that I started preparing for bank jobs as I wanted government job. I used to write each and every exam. As I belong to open category it was very difficult to be in final list for me. Every time I lost by 0.5 marks like that.

Then I started reading Sai Satcharitra, Guruchatitra, Sree Padasree Vallabha charitra, used to chant Vishnu sahasranama, Siddamangalastotram,did many Nava Guruvar vrathas, divya puja. At one point of time I lost hope on Baba and started asking Him why these many failures I have to face, these many hurdles to get a job even after doing parayanas, pujas etc.I visited Shirdi, Akkalkot, Pitapuram in these two years of span. Every time I used to ask Him through chits whether I will get through this or not.

Everytime Baba gave positive reply but it turned out to be failure. After seeing all these my mom went to a astrologer for knowing my future. He told I will not get any job, neither government job nor bank job was there in my fate, if I attend hundreds of interviews, still I will not get through it. After listening that I got very disappointed and I performed pujas as instructed by pujari.

That night I really felt very sad and cried. That day night I got one dream where I was asking Baba that whether I will get job or not then Baba smiled at me and told you will get a job don’t worry. Then I gained confidence and prepared well for this time and didn’t ask Baba through chits. I told Baba that I will directly write the exam and will wait for results. Like this I prepared and got my first job in Karur Vysya bank and I joined, worked for 1 month only and then I got Canara bank. Then I resigned Karur Vysya Bank and joined Canara. Successfully completed 6 months and got confirmed yesterday(15-03-18)i.e on Thursday Mahaparayan day.

This is how I came close to Baba within 2 years. Now I have become very strong. I understood true meaning of *Shradda and Saburi*. Baba could have given me job in 2015 only but He wanted me to understand His two paisa i.e *Faith and Patience* and He made me to realise that our fate can be changed when we pray to Sadguru. May be job is not there in my fate but Baba has given me which is not in my fate also. He made me to pray all 5 avataras of Dattareyaswami. In these two years Baba came in my dreams so many times and told me that I was His favourite devotee.

Even though I suffered a lot in getting job but I am very happy today that Baba is with His devotees whatever might be the situation. I am very thankful to You Baba, not only about career but my personal problems are also solved by Baba. Thank you for reading this lengthy story. Thanks to all
Jai Sai Ram. Next time I will share another experience.

Om Sai Ram
B Krishnapriya

If we pray sincerely Baba will give us even what is not there in our fate and thus He says to throw away Horoscopes and Predictions of astrologers like in Sai Satcharitra to the son of Mrs. Tendulkar; all we need is complete surrender of body, mind and heart. Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai…!

-Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen…!

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  1. Dear devotee your experience today has given me a lot of hope and positivity. I am also jobless since 1 year, not able to crack any exam..but your experience has given me strength..thankyou for sharing it with us. Baba bless everyone with health, happiness and love..Om SaiRam

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