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Shirdi Sai Devotee Manibala from India says : Sai Ram everyone, I am from MP-142 group. I want to share 2 miracles that had happened to me. I am a part of Sai Anugraha orphanages, old age homes which is a Global Wide Organization. A person named Kishore who lives in USA organises this Sai Anugraha. Now coming to my couple of experiences.

Since nearly 10 days (i.e from 21-01-2018) I was followed by a dream about Sai Baba and Sai Anugraha orphanages – old age homes daily in my dream. I was saying about these all activities to everyone and discussing all these with Kishore Ji and his father in my dream daily. I was just wondering why this particular dream gets repeated daily. Yesterday I said about my dream to Kishore Ji and he said that “Actually we thought to make a team (Volunteers) in kakinada for Manaspurthi (Sai Anugraha) orphanage, later on I got shifted to Hyderabad regarding job and I forgot all about it”. And I would read my allotted chapters for Thursdays as I am a part of  Sai Satcharitra 108 Maha parayan.

As I wasn’t having Sai Satcharitra book so normally I was reading through Sai Satcharitra Mobile app. At last of every chapter there will be a message. On 25th January I had completed reading of 37th chapter and saw a message at last of chapter 37, i.e *Fulfil your promises that you made for Baba*. Seriously I thought much but I didn’t get the answer that which promises I’ve made to Baba. And I requested Baba to give me some hint regarding the promise that night.

After all this heard by Kishore ji, he said “Yes, this is the promise that you’ve made to Baba to form a team in Kakinada and daily He was appearing in your dream and reminding about Sai Anugraha children”. Felt so blessed that Baba reminded me after reading Sai Satcharitra. And Baba is aware of all the things and our promises, overall Baba is Omniscient.

Secondly, today I had a dream of Sai’s temple where the construction was going on. I saw a white crystal clear Sai baba’s Moorthi and on the left side of the temple outside I saw a Sita-Rama,Lakshmana and Hanuman ji’s black statue which was just straight away from Baba’s moorthi. I also saw Baba’s Silver padukas which were enclosed within a glass. The temple was full of crowd and I leaned on the wall side placing on my hand on a glassy table. There I found Baba’s Wooden padukas.

When I discussed all these with kishore Ji He said me that *Actually today i.e., 27.01.2018 they were going to start a Baba’s Mandir construction in MANCHESTER* and the construction plan was exactly the same way that which I had dreamt like Sita-Rama statues will also be going to placed there and about Padukas too which would be installed there. I had got exactly the same dream which was a construction plan of SAI Baba temple in Manchester. What a great dream I had, Felt so glad to share this with you all. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Ram

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Baba appearing in our dream is not a mere coincidence, it’s His message that we need to decode and act upon immediately with full faith in Him. Our visit to Shirdi and Baba’s visit in our dreams are equally auspicious. Ever Indebted To You Baba, love You. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

-Pooja Garg

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