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Anonymous devotee of Shirdi Sai from USA says: Om Sai Ram. Om Sairam Pooja ji, Hetal ji and all the devotees who work relentlessly to gather all devotees and strengthen our faith in dear Baba. I am blessed to be a part of MP-128 Anusha Sai Mahaparayan group and a volunteer in AASM Wednesday Mahajaap group.

Since the beginning of June, we have viral infections going on in the family, my 7 year old had cough and cold, then my parents and mom -in -law. It got passed on to me and then my husband. I had almost recovered but all of a sudden on Tuesday (19th) morning, I started throwing up. I threw up almost 6-7 times and was very feeling very weak. I somehow managed to get by the day and after a good night’s sleep felt a little better.

On Wednesday night, my daughter (she is 2.5 years) started throwing up. She threw up 3 times and was scared and kept crying. She was sleepy but after I lay on I couldn’t bear the pain she was in. I rocked her to sleep, then went downstairs and prayed in front of Baba’s pic saying, Baba please make her feel better. I took some Udi and prayed Baba that she should not throw up again and should get peaceful sleep. I applied the Udi to her forehead, put some on her tongue and lied down next to her. She woke up after some time almost gagging like she was about to throw up, but she didn’t. This happened 1 more time but she did not throw up. She then slept peacefully and I thanked Baba and slept.

I slept chanting Baba’s name and thinking why I didn’t think of Udi before when everyone in the family had something or the other going. Next day Thursday, when I looked at the chapters I was assigned, I was dumbstruck. My allotted readings were Chapter 33 and 34. The very chapters that explains the significance of Udi and how Udi cured diseases that even medicines couldn’t. My daughter woke up all happy and was back to normal this morning. Thank You Baba, love You a lot.

Baba, please keep guiding us, Your children. Keep showering Yur blessings and strengthening our Shraddha .
Om Sai Ram.

As conveyed by Rituji the editor of Mahaparayan group: Baba thanking You a million times for making this devotee with the above experience instrumental and catalyst in setting up AASM team for one of the Jaap days. She has been one of the Baba’s sent angels who took care and is still taking care of the team for her zone timings sole handedly, may Baba bless you in abundance dear Sai devotee for your selfless sewa, and to conclude here, for those who take up Baba’s sewa need not worry about their own pains as Baba is there to take care of all Your needs.

Thank You Baba again for blessing and adding such gems like this devotee, Rituji and many more because of whom various spiritual ventures globally are being made possible. Needless to say You will definitely bless them and their families too. Ever indebted to You for all Your love, care, blessings in form of Udi, Mahaparayan and opportunity to serve You and in a way work out on our janma and evolution too. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

 -Pooja Garg

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