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Shirdi Sai Devotee Deepti Agarwal from India says: Sairam to all devotees. My Name Is Deepti Agarwal and today I am sharing my beautiful experience with all my Sai devotees which will undoubtedly multiply your faith many, many folds. I am married since last six years and ours had been a love marriage. We have one daughter who is 4 years old now.

I had faced problems in my married life but now everything got solved all because of my Sai Maa. My parents got me to their place after 3 years of my marriage as I was facing lot of problems at my in-laws place. I was there for 3 years but only starting 6 months of my married life were good, rest was a torture life for me. I never informed my parents about my problems that I was facing. But one day they came to know as we met in one family function as there they saw my condition and the very next day they came to my in-laws place and took me and my daughter. Then days went on, I got job and I started working.

Then last year around June 2017 one day our Sai daughter Pooja Garg called my sister to tell me to read Sri Sai Satcharitra book as that would help me in my further life. Actually she literally came to me in God’s form. Then my sister told me about all this but I was not aware of anything like this. Due to my schedule and so many responsibilities I was doubtful whether I should enrol so as not to put others efforts in vain. Then one day Pooja called me and she explained me everything about Mahaparayan and also encouraged me for taking up volunteering service where she said by mistake or Baba made her type my name in volunteer list rather than participant list. She shared loads of experience with me. That really made me believe more and more about Sai Baba. Then I started reading as well as volunteering as per her guidance. Then it went on, I became captain, class teacher and it went on and on with 365 Days Sai, Brahma Muhrat Parayan, Naamjaap, Stavan Manjari, Vishnu Sahastarnaam, Lesson For Life etc. etc. Baba started giving me more power and He started building my will power and faith too by showing me His presence every now and then.

Then after starting all this; my life took a drastic change and it made me more and more stronger and this really made me believe more and more in Sai Baba. My way of thinking changed. It made me think more positively and built up my confidence level. It was Pooja’s belief that one day everything would be alright and I will again settle in my life. She even said in one year only I will start seeing good things happening. Months went but still I never lost hopes.

One day around March 2018 she called me and said that she was not asking me but actually ordering me to enrol for Vishnu Sahastranaam Parayan and Stavan Manjari Parayan which was starting on Ram Navami which was on 25th March and she strongly felt that it would wash all my sins and fulfil my wish soon. Her confidence made my confidence higher and stronger. Then on 24th March night I was thinking tomorrow is Ram Navami when Vishnu Sahastranaam Parayan and Stavan Manjari Parayan are starting. Would it really wash my karmas and fulfil my wish? Would something good happen soon? Then lo as if Baba was hearing and that moment itself the phone rang and after a period of 3 very long years my husband called me. I am still getting goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I felt really there is some power in Pooja’s words or rather we can say Baba chose her as a medium for reaching me. That was really a shocking call for me and felt that Baba was really with us. But this call was not at all unbelievable as it was my Baba Who was doing all this. Then he spoke to me, asked me about my life and what I had decided for further life. I was very angry on him at that time as he took 3 long years for all this. But still I kept patience and spoke to him. Then it went on, we spoke and he asked me about my answer. I told I would decide, talk to my parents and will let him know. As that time he was in USA and he wanted me to come and live with him in USA. I was happy at one end and tensed too as it was all the way new country where not a single family member is there but still I thought Baba showed me this path so there must be something good behind this. Then I spoke to my parents and I explained them; as initially they were against this but I convinced them to agree to this decision and let me settle my life once again. I told them that I want to live my life with my husband and daughter now. I had also picked up the chits in front of Baba whether I should move ahead and three times I got ‘Yes’ as the answer from Baba. This all again shows He is so alive and everything He is only doing.

Then my husband came to India, we met, got things settled and with in-laws also it got settled. I have taken Stavan Manjari for one year daily reading. This really has lot of power and also Vishnu Sahastranam whose efficacy Baba has also told in Sai Satcharitra. These two really have made me believe more and more. Then I would also like to tell about few of many of my Sai-incidences. I got my visa interview day as Thursday. All Baba’s Leela. I didn’t face any problem in my visa procedure and I got visa. Then one more Sai-incidence as I got my flying day also as Thursday which again shows that Baba was doing for me. All this really seems like a dream come true and a very big miracle which turned my life’s chapter and now I am very, very happy.

Then when my husband had come to India; he on his own told me let’s go to Shirdi. He was like I know now you have a strong belief in Sai Baba and this was a real dream come true situation as I really wanted to go with him to Shirdi and before I told him, he only told me and this was all Baba’s Leela. Really thank You Baba for all this. That time we got Darshan standing exactly in front of Baba as they were diverting lines but when our turn came we were told to move in exactly front of Baba. This was again amazing.

And yes I was also a part of Brahma muhurat Khichadi Parayan which is again a very powerful Parayan where many of them who had wished got their wishes fulfilled with this Parayan. As I had wished for our togetherness that really happened. I had wished for many wishes and all really came true as I can’t share all my Sai miracles but main was my family to get together that happened which is surprising to all my friends and family members too. All call it as the greatest miracle of Sai in my life!

Now I am with my husband in USA, happily living with him and my daughter now. I am very happy as my daughter got her father’s love which she missed in last 3 years. I still sometimes feel it like a dream. Pooja, actually my experience will really make people believe more and more. I hope my experience will help those who are sailing in the same boat. Believe me what all I had been through I can’t and don’t want to put here again; as All’s well that ends well. One thing what I realised is that all that happened with me must have been due to my past karmas but when Sai entered my life and gave me various opportunities to serve Him, my karmas started getting washed off very quickly and all that seemed impossible became possible with Baba’s grace. So I don’t want to blame anyone for my past but I am indeed really very thankful as had it not been so then I wouldn’t have got Sai in my life and opportunity to give my little to serve Him and wonderful Global Sai family as well. Not only this; now the bond and love that I share with my in-laws and husband has become stronger and lovelier. Thank You Sai Maa. Thank you Pooja for all this. It’s because of you that Sai came in my life and all my life got settled. Sairam.

Thank You Baba
Deepti Agarwal

Deepti is another gem added by Baba in the basket for Mahaparayan team. Thank You Baba. Deepti, its all your true devotion,love for Baba, strong faith and selfless, dedicated service that has got you this day. Really very, very happy for you. Again would say you that its only Baba Who did everything and I am really fortunate that Baba chose me for you as I got a lifetime true friend too. I was just the medium just as you have now been in so many lives across the globe. Thank You Baba for giving us the opportunity to serve and ultimately work upon our evolution too. Ever indebted to You Baba. None can be like You! With You Anything and Everything is possible Deva. Love You Deva, Jai Jai Ho Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai…!!!

-Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen…!

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  1. Baba ����
    Sai has made me read this article today…. Thank you Baba. To my sister devotee – reading your article has a lot of meaning for me and most especially the 2nd half of your final paragraph and when Baba decides to Bless me in the same way as He has with you… I would share Baba’s Leela on this website too.
    Reham Nazar Karna Baba

  2. really heart touching dear Sai sister
    I really thank you a lot
    you not only just shared your experience but your experience will fill up much more faith for Sai children like me
    really thank you so much
    baba me too want to be a part of mahaparayan but waiting for your order
    you Know why I am waiting
    increase my faith on you Deva
    fill up my heart with sraddha and saburi
    don't let me leave your holy feet Deva even if I behave in a childish way
    i am sorry for my mistakes
    skhama Karo baba
    Pooja Akka (sister) thank you so much for your service

  3. Really I m heart full of happy to reply that this saimiracles should happen to every each people who r devotee r not devotee for our saimaa.he s somuch of grace of all the humanbeing.thanku &love u saimaa &u sis.

  4. Om Sai Ram… Baba'z Leela'z r unimaginable, inscrutable & beyond all as well..May Baba bless u Deepti ji & Ur family too…may Baba bless each & every single soul of this universe…I just wanna say—- keep doing lotzzz of guds.. do as much as u can since This'z the best & simplest Sadhna of our loving Baba Sai.!!!

    • u drop ur number with name and number as comment, while approving the comment we shall not approve( that comment would not be visible here) and forward ur number to the concerned team. Jai Sairam

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  6. Thank you so much for sharing such a heart touching story of your personal life. I got tears in my eyes while reading this. I believe baba will solve my marital problem soon. Please help me baba Om Sai Ram

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