Miracles and Experiences During Mahaparayan

Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Divyaiji From India says: Dear devotees, I am Divya from Ghaziabad, India. One of my close friend introduced me to Sai Mahaparayan(MP). I registered myself to Mahaparayanon 31st April’ 2018 and as soon as I registered myself, I got an interview call for some job vacancy. (It’s been long by now that I was looking for one, have given several interviews also, but nothing seems working for me) I took it like any other job call and got it scheduled for the next day itself, just after that my Sai MahaparayanCaptain Preethi Chari Mam called me and briefed me about MP.

I think I never complimented her for her lovely poise voice, her patience, her motherly instincts, especially towards Mahaparayan devotees and how superbly, she is giving her duties as MahaparayanCaptain cum Principal. I instantly connected to her in an unknown way from the very first time we spoke over phone. I am thankful to her for her personal care, concern, help and prayers for me and my family as well.

I always see her as Baba’s messenger for me, because prior Mahaparayan, from a long time I was thinking to start with Sai Satcharitra parayan but somehow was not able to do it, and then, as we all know, Baba has His own ways of getting things done. He chose me to do Mahaparayan sewa and that to on Thursday, Baba’s own day. Here I would like to share one more thing, last year in 2017, I kept Sai Vrat every Thursday for the whole year ( kept uncounted open fasts) and in the beginning of 2018, I did udhyapan and samapan of my Sai fasts, but I was missing the fasts and Baba’s Thursday pooja, which I did almost every Thursday last year.

This year after Baba’s fast Udyapan, I started Vaibhav Laxmi Friday Fasts on my cousin’s suggestion and I prayed Mahalaxmi Maa to help me to get a decent job and I already observed two Vaibhav Laxmi fasts by the day I registered for Sai Mahaparayan, following interview call and Preethi Mam’s call. Everything happened consecutively the very same day. So, basically I am blessed by both Maa Laxmi and Baba together. Baba Himself being ardent devotee of Maa Mahalaxmi, I went for the interview with mixed emotions, but to my surprise interview went really well. After few days I was again called for final round, which also went fairly good and finally I was asked to join this fairly big organisation on a fair enough designation and salary.

But, things were not that smooth throughout, I was in doubt and scared, whether I would be called for round 2 or not? Then during written test I was bit skeptical, then package negotiations went little rough but Baba assured me throughout as He always does and I was sure of Maa’s blessings also. So, finally on June 4th, I joined my new office and was blessed immensely by Baba, Maa and Sai Mahaparayan. I can’t thank enough Baba for always being there and assuring me through His own leelas.

I am simply amazed with His acts, here I want to mention few more things related to Mahaparayan: When the MP groups started, I was also thinking to be a Captain to devotees, but confused, whether I will be able to deliver my duties responsibly or not and then just after a while Preethi Mam asked me to be one of the four Captains of one upcoming Sai MP Group, following one more, so Baba chose me to be a House Captain of two groups, when I was doubting myself for even one. He blessed me with two, that’s how He blesses His devotees and for which He just asks for Shraddha and Saburi .

On one more occasion, I was fascinated by Sai Stavan Manjari and inside my heart somewhere wanted to read it and this yearning was intensified during Mahaparayan only, following which, out of blue moon, Preethi Mam messaged me on Ekadashi and whatsapped me hindi version of it and suggested me to read it or listen to it, atleast on every Ekadashi, and I was so surprised by this and even told her how I was thinking to read it someday and then she made sure that I don’t miss it’s parayan and send me 2018 Ekadashi Calendar and it was second Ekadashi since I started with it’s parayan and it was late night and suddenly thought of missing my Sai Sthavan Manajari Ekadashi Parayan struck me and out of haste I started reading it in midnight. I even forgot to check Ekadashi calendar on internet and after my shravan, I checked my whatsapp and was amazed to see Preethi Mam’s message there, she already sent me Ekadashi 2018 calendar in the evening itself, but I didn’t check it earlier and found that next day was Ekadashi and I did my parayan at midnight before but I was happy that I am saved from missing it and did Stavan Manjari Shravan next day as well.

To my surprise, she messaged me on third Ekadashi as well to remind me of parayan and me being a fool, forgot to read it, but with Baba’s grace it happened to be two Ekadashi’s this time, so my Sai Stavan Manjari Shravan went without hurdle and I am very thankful to Preethi Chari Mam for all her love and concern. I was thinking to share my story of Mahaparayan with you all, when I got the job but was not sure when will I get to post my Sai MP experience and then Baba again came to my rescue and guided me through Preethi Chari Mam to do this. Such are His Leelas and that is the reason, why He is called Muralidhar. May Sai Maa be with all of us and our families always. Happy Baba’s Day to all with Happy Sai Maha Parayan and here I conclude my story on Baba’s Day itself. Om Sai Ram once again, Ananta Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki jai.


You concluded your write up on Baba’s day and Baba too got your post posted on His day. Thanks to Baba’s angels like Preetiji spread across the globe through whom Baba Himself is directing the global Mahaparayan making them as His instruments. Baba is always present with us everywhere we go, we just need to feel His presence in our lives through His beautiful and divine interventions.

Pooja Garg

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