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Shirdi Sai Devotee Geetha Venkat from India says: Sairam everyone. I am from MP-136 Mahaparayan group. Truly to say I have became Sai Baba’s ardent devotee only since couple of years. Even though from past four years I go to His temple, but not sincerely prayed to Him. Slowly Baba pulled me towards Him and started showing me various miracles in my life.

It was my sister, who said me about Mahaparayan and made me to join in Mahaparayan group. After I started this Mahaparayan, I am hearing only positive and good news in my family. Truly Mahaparayan is a blessing and whoever are part of Mahaparayan are really blessed by Baba.

Being Baba’s devotee I badly wanted to go to the holy place Shirdi. I kept on telling Baba devotees and friends that “Baba will not call me and I can’t visit Shirdi, but many Sai Maa devotees promised me saying that this year I will definitely visit Shirdi. I didn’t take it seriously. But one fine day it happened. Yes! It happened during this Mahaparayan time. Oh my God, I went to Shirdi for first time in my life through my friends.

Infact it was Baba Who called me to His holy place Shirdi and planned my Shirdi trip. I reached Baba’s Samadhi finally and had His wonderful darshan. My life time wish have came true through Baba. It was my first Shirdi trip and I enjoyed a lot, overall it was planned by Baba. Baba called me to Shirdi during Mahaparayan and blessed me.

My son was in his 10th grade and I was very worried about my son’s board results . But Baba blessed my son with very good results and he has scored very high marks, he got admission in one of my dream big schools in Bangalore. My daughter too cleared her CPT entrance and scored decent marks. My another big personal wish too happened just because of His blessings. All these have happened in just a span of one year which is beyond my expectations.

I was a type of person who never prayed to Guru’ at any cost and argue with other devotees, to say I have argued with many devotees of Baba too. Now I am surprised, how this happened, how Baba have pulled me to His lotus feet, made me His devotee and He is taking care of me. It is all His grace. Whenever I get dejected or feel heavy hearted, I feel to see Baba in His temple, leave a trip and I know that tear will be soon wiped off by Baba.

Then I’ll come back home hoping that problem have reached Baba and He will take care of it. I will be released from that burden very soon. After my Shirdi trip, there is lot of happiness and whatever is happening it is the best thing for me. I hope this happiness continues in my life with Baba blessings. Now I don’t want to give my complaint or regrets to any people because I have Baba with me, He is taking care of me every second. Baba please bless me through out my life.

Om Sai Ram.

When we attach our mind and soul with Baba, then there is absolutely nothing left in life worth regretting and complaining for as due to His supreme grace we have got the sheer luck of doing his Naam smaran and getting His divine darshan. Why to then worry of this bhav sagar when we have got our ultimate goal and destination- Sai? Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!

Pooja Garg

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