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Shirdi Sai Devotee Rachana Gollapudi from US says: Sairam everyone. I have been a devotee of Baba from about 9 years now. I live and work in the US and had been working for my firm for 10 years when I decided that it was time for a job change. My projects weren’t going well, I wasn’t able to perform well due to lack of interest in projects that were not in my area of specialty. This was around May/June 2017 and I started applying for jobs elsewhere. I also got through some rounds of interviews but nothing was materializing. I had applied into a company that was my top choice and after successfully completing many preliminary rounds, I did not make it to the final ones.

I had asked Baba for an indication (for this company) and received a positive response and when I didn’t make it in the interviews, I got confused and was filled with negativity that, even after getting a positive indication from Baba, the job didn’t come through. I couldn’t believe that Baba had indicated something that didn’t come to pass! I started questioning my faith and my beliefs. I was pretty much in depression by Aug/Sep.

Soon, I came across the postings for Mahaparayan whilst regular reading of the ‘Devotees Experiences’ blog. I signed up for it hoping that not only my job situation but my life situation would also change. I got accepted into Mahaparayan (MP-94 Dipti US) and I started doing the parayan every Thursday. Slowly things began to improve, my health was first, I started recovering from my depression and started re-applying for jobs. My faith started ‘repairing’ as well.

This time around also, Baba gave me many signs that I would land a job in the company I was aiming for (same company as the one I applied into earlier). Things took time but around Feb 2018, I got a call for interview from the said company (via a fluke referral by a friend). I was excited that I got another opportunity and delved into preparing myself for the interviews. I began to notice things, for e.g., the job ID number summed up to a number 9, that the interviews would happen on a Thursday or a date that would sum up to 9, and Baba would wear the color of my choice when I would ask for an indication in terms of the job. I was on a roller coaster ride of my faith going up and down.

However, it was no surprise that I was finally offered the job in March 2018 and my Visa was submitted for approval on a date that totaled to 9 as well (in April 2018). There were additional delays due to an RFE which again caused a lot of anxiety at my end (even though Baba kept assuring me through Question and Answers, and other indications). I tried to balance faith and anxiety and I am not sure if I did a good job of it, Baba. I apologize for being so negative and doubtful and letting my human nature win in those times. Finally, everything fell into place and I started my new job in August 2018, a week ago.

This is definitely a Mahaparayan miracle considering I almost had given up on this dream last year. I reapplied, interviewed and started at the job, all during the Mahaparayan time frame. All I can say now is a big thank You to Baba. His assurances and indications were always correct, even though it didn’t work out the first time, they did come true at the end. All I needed to have was faith and patience and I failed at it many times. I still struggle sometimes, but I am working on it, Baba. Please give me strength as I wait for my biggest wish to come true. Mahaparayan is a true gift to develop and sustain faith and patience and ultimate trust in Baba. Thank You for bringing it to us, Baba.

Mahaparayan team – thank you team for hosting and coordinating the Mahaparayan! You have many thanks from all of us here that found this incredible opportunity to do good and receive good via your work.

Om Sai Ram.

Through various experiences of all the devotees of Baba around the world; its time and again reaffirmed and reassured by Baba that the signs and signals that we get are not mere coincidences, but they are truly Baba’s direct indication of His grace and blessings that are on the way! So never lose faith and patience as you never know that your miracle is on the way…! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!

Pooja Garg

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  1. Shraddha aur Saburi Baba's divine test for us to build firm faith in devotion so to all my Sai family don't worry your wishes will come true with his blessings for sure. Jai Sairam.

  2. Om sai Ram Since the time I started reading Mahaparayan the experiences I am getting is amazing real goose bump raising experience..My health is improving, my relations are improving ..each thursday a miracle is happening like today when i was worried about my reading as i was not be able to find my spectales and since yesterday night I was thinking how will i find it and in the morni g also kept looking for my specs bit as soon as i took my chapters that i had to read in my hand i got another specs that i had lost 6 months back..Baba wanted to help me read mahaparayan without any stress..last thursday also something like this happened i was not feeling well and took off from work to get tests done but on the thursday i felt much better and baba gave me inspiration to read the chapters in the babas temple at lodhi road such is the blessi ngs of baba..Jai sainath jai sainath🙏🙏

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