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Shirdi Sai Devotee Arivalaki from India says: Hi Pooja sis, I am the class teacher for MP-58. One of my team member has shared her beautiful experience she went through after joining this Mahaparayan journey. I would like you to acknowledge this and share this with other devotees to create more faith in our Sai. Here is her letter.

“I am Archana a Sai devotee from Bangalore. I want to share an experience that I had on 16th of April 2018. My daughter adopted a stray dog from a shelter on 13th of April. On 16th April the dog was alone at her house as she and her husband had gone for work. I told my driver to go to her house and take the dog for a walk. The dog got scared and ran out of the house as soon as the door was opened. The driver ran behind her and could not find her anywhere. He called up to inform me and all of us (my husband, son- in- law , daughter and I) rushed home from office.

We started searching for her in the entire locality and could not find the dog. We began the search at 3.30 pm in the afternoon and no results till evening. I came back home and went to pooja room and lit the lamp in front of God. I felt like somebody was telling me to read Chapter no 5 from Sai Satcharitra where Baba helps Chand Patil find his lost horse.

I read the chapter and prayed to Sai to safeguard our dog and help us find it. We got leads from a whatsapp group run by the shelter at around 10.30 pm in the night. we rushed to the location and found our dog unhurt and safe. I can not express the feelings that I went through that night. I am immensely grateful to Baba for helping us come out of this difficult situation. ( Exp of Sai daughter Archana)

Jai Sai Ram.
Arivalaki Chandrasekar

Baba treated all alike and never discriminated be it a human or an animal. If we have compassion, love and care for all the living creatures that’s when we will be blessed with Baba’s grace and divine presence. Love You Deva. JAi JAi Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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  1. Woooow..i got goosebumps reading your experience. Thank you so much for being very second and minute with all of us. No words can describe how thankful and grateful we are to you.

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