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Shirdi Sai devotee Anusha Appana from US says: Sairam Hetalji. Om Sai Ram, I am an ardent devotee of Lord Dattatreya Swamy. He has been helping me all my life. I stumbled upon the post about Mahaparayan in a local group and joined. Baba pulled me into Mahaparayan, I am a class teacher of a group and a captain of another group. He also pulled me into Nityaparayan, Stavanmanjari parayan, VSP parayan, Lifetime parayan, KNM group, Datta parayan group and Siddha Mangala Stotram group. After joining Mahaparayan, I had so many experiences. I would like to share a few.

We went to Shirdi in November 2017 after almost 7 years and that trip was the most memorable trip for me. I didn’t know that rules had changed and we have to book for Arti beforehand. We reached Shirdi on 24th night at 10 pm. Then on 25th morning by the time we went to Darshan it was almost 11 am. We took NRI Darshan and so it was very quick. We finished Darshan in 10 minutes. I was hoping to see Aarti which didn’t happen and we had only Dhoop Aarti left as we had a bus back to Hyderabad at 9 pm.

We all were very tired because of the travel and the jetlag, my husband and my little ones (5 yrs and 2 yrs) fell asleep but I was thinking about Arti. I couldn’t sleep, as if I missed this opportunity, I didn’t know when I will go to Shirdi again but I knew back in my mind that my Baba will take me to His Arti. So I called the PRO office and I was told that I have to book Aarti online and put the phone down.

I called back again and I explained my situation that I came from US and I didn’t know that the rules had changed. He said that he would forward the call but again no luck and the call got disconnected. I called back again and repeated the story and this time he said he would forward my call to some department. Then I got forwarded to IT department, not sure if it was Information Technology Dept or Income Tax Dept, so I spoke to one person and explained my situation and he said he will look into it. I asked for a contact and he gave his contact. It was almost 3:30 pm but I didn’t hear anything from him. At 4 pm he called me and said, he spoke to the PRO Office and got 2 tickets in VIP quota and he asked to take our passports for verification and get the tickets. I was spellbound hearing that. I woke my husband up and asked him to get the tickets.

Then I called and thanked him for the tickets. Now here comes the interesting part, he told me that he he had been in that position for almost 15 years but never got a call like this asking for Arti or Darshan. This was the first time and he said Baba wanted you to see Arti that’s why He made it happen. My eyes were filled with tears, that Baba had done it for me. Then we went to the Samadhi mandir attended the Arti, came back to the room and left for our Bus.

My second experience is my husband changed his job after working for 15 years for a company and now got a higher position in a different company. My third experience, I was working for a company and it got split into another company and there were layoffs going on. I was worried if I too would be affected and finally my turn came. It was Aug 9th (Thursday) and I saw a meeting invite from my new boss and I knew it was about the layoff.

I was praying Baba for another job as I didn’t want a gap in my career. I was working from home and sat for my pooja and I got a call from unknown number for a client interview the same day. I said yes and everything went well and by evening we started discussing the formalities for the new job. It went so fast and I didn’t even realize what was going on. All thanks to Baba for staying with me all along. I am praying to Baba to be with me in my new position also and help me fulfil my responsibilities. I ask Baba to bless me with Nirantara Gurusmarana. Om Sai Ram, Shri Guru Deva Datta, Shree Pada Rajam Saranam Prapadhye.

I would like to thank Pooja ji and her team for their efforts for making this parayan successful. It’s not an easy task to manage so many groups and so many people. Baba bless you loads.


After Mahaparayan started many people tell me that thei Shirdi trips have become frequent and same is what I too have experienced. Oh Deva keep calling us to Shirdi and bless us with blissful darshan. Who can step into Shirdi unless You wish! Man is lost and is wandering in a jungle full of pitfalls and wolves in the form of all sort of avarices. With You Sai by our side all we can easily combat these negatives. Love You Deva. JAi JAi Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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  1. Om sai ram. what a beautiful experience. I think it's not easy to get tickets. Only deva knows how u got tickets. My eyes filled with tears
    Om sai ram. BABA bless all.

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