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Shirdi Sai Devotee Shanthi Madhukar from India says:

Sai Ram everyone. I would like to introduce myself as Shanthi Madhukar from Bangalore. My whole family is doing the Mahaparayan which includes my sister and her daughters too. My daughter who is presently residing in Germany is doing the parayan in another group. Where we’re doing the parayan doesn’t matter at all, the miracles that we actually experience while reading the Satcharitra is what matters. And that is what makes us even more firm in our faith and devotion and that actually matters.

I would like to share one such experience with you all. Inspired by the Satcharitra, without even discussing with anyone my daughter just took a vow not to eat sweets for 9 weeks which she started on a Thursday. After avoiding sweets for about 2 or 3 days she told me about it. Things were going smooth and she was doing it fine avoiding sweets. Yesterday they had to attend a party here and both my daughter and son-in-law left for the party. It was an Indian association party and seeing the Indian friends the chatting and laughter went on and dinner was being served. They were offered plates where everything was served moderately and passed on to the members. But when my daughter received her plate, her plate did not contain any sweet in it; whereas the others had got plates that had sweets. A friend told my daughter that her plate had no sweets and that the caterer missed it and asked her to get some. My daughter just walked across to get the sweet forgetting her vow. But the moment she reached the counter she remembered her vow and she was blank for a few seconds. She was not able to understand anything. Baba had understood her state of mind that she was enjoying with her friends and had sent a plate to her without the sweets but when she went to get it, He made her remember her vow.

Such is His love for His children. He doesn’t need anything from us. Sweet or no sweets doesn’t matter to Him. But just how He reminded Hemandpant to chant Ram naam jaap, He reminded my daughter too of her vow. Otherwise it would be broken and it would have disappointed her a lot. But by this miracle our faith is reconfirmed that He’s looking into everything that is happening in our lives. I thank my Sai completely for being a guiding force.

Sai Ram.
Shanthi Madhukar

What to speak of Baba’s such sweet omniscience? Speechless! No doubt He is Infinite, Omnipresent and Omniscient but we can’t deny the fact that He is much more lovable, adorable, benevolent and none can equal His sweetness and concern for His children. Love You Deva loads. Jai JAi Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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