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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Aparna From India says: Sai Ram,
I am Aparna, from MP-568 group. I would like to share a beautiful experience with you which shows that our Baba always love His devotees very much. The miracles that Sai does in our lives are so unexpected and surprising which always brings us immense joy.

Few days back we (with my family) went to Shirdi on 13th September. We had booked online aarthi tickets for dhoop aarthi. As we know that gents and ladies lines are separated at the time of aarthi, I was in ladies line and I could not advance forward and ended up near a pillar from where I could not see Baba properly.

I felt very disappointed and I got tears in my eyes. I felt sad for not singing aarthi in front of Baba. After that I took it in positive sense that I am fortunate to be in Samadhi Mandir, so I happily completed aarthi and returned to the hotel. Then the next day morning, while I was doing my parayan in parayan hall, I felt the place colder where I was sitting and so I changed my place. After half-an-hour, a woman came to me and asked if I was willing to accompany her for the aarthi as she had an extra ticket for Madhyan aarthi. I was stunned and nodded my head with tears in my eyes. The gift form Baba was very much unexpected; I felt so happy and went to the aarthi. This time, I got the chance to be in front of Baba for the entire duration of aarthi. I was very happy and thanked Baba for the miracle. Baba has blessed me with such a beautiful experience during Mahaparayan journey. I am feeling so blessed and happy to share my experience with you all. I would like to thank Poojaji , all the volunteers and other concerned members who are part of MP. May Sai Baba bless you all for this service. Thank You Baba.

Om Sairam
Aparna Devi

Baba never lets His devotees down if there resides true faith and love. When the true devotion is there Baba is pleased and sees to it that He fulfills His devotees’ wishes then no matter how small or big they are. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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