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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Children Akhila & Naresh From USA says: Om Sai Ram to All,

We live in US and my husband works on H1B. Baba came into our life 6 years back and since then we have experienced many miracles. I wanted to share our recent experience related to H1B Visa extension. Here it goes…

Our visa was about to expire in March 2018 and we had submitted all the required documents in December 2017. (This is exactly around the time where so many H1B are facing rejections in premium processing). Our company filed for extension only in Feb 2018 and as there was only one month left and as we won’t have our DL, we decided to upgrade our case to premium processing. On a Thursday we were planning to request the Manager for an upgrade to premium processing. On the same day, in the wee hours of morning, I had a vision where Baba told me not to upgrade as it would get rejected. I conveyed the same to my husband and he dropped the idea of upgrading and our visa finally got filed in regular processing.

We were waiting and waiting and waiting for the decision to come and we were pretty sure that It would get approved by Baba’s grace. 6.5 months later , we were shocked to see that we got a RFE. RFE means there is only 50-50 chance of approval. But still we were sure that Baba won’t let us down. My husband started doing Sai Vallabha Siddha Mangala Stotram parayan from the very next day and I started doing 3 times108 pheras (324 rounds every week) In Baba’s temple for 9 weeks.

We had only 1.5 months left in our visa and before that if decision didn’t come through, then Hubby could neither work (no salary) nor we could go back to India. So were contemplating whether to upgrade our case to Premium or not. At the same time, USCIS announced that they were going to stop the premium processing in next 8 working days. Last day was 11th Sept 2018, so we took it as Baba’s indication and upgraded.

We were in a fix not sure if we would be able to make it to Premium. Hubby requested everyone to expedite, but in big organizations it’s difficult to get personalized attention and the girl from immigration team who was assigned our case never replied for any of our queries.2 weeks prior to this, we had taken Sairam book from our temple where we need to fill the book with Sairam and return to the temple. I started writing the book Wednesday night and finished some 5 pages and slept at 2 am on Thursday morning and on that day this girl suddenly replied. She shared her whatsapp number, was very responsive, helped and finally uploaded all our documents on 6th, a Thursday. We were hoping that company would ship our docs on the same day and it would reach USCIS on 7th. At the end of the day we got to know that there was some delay and it didn’t get shipped and it would reach only on Monday, the 10th. We were worried if our upgrade request would reach USCIS by Sep 11, as it would take 1-2 days for it to be delivered.

On the 7th night my hubby spoke to the girl working on our case. She said that our document did not seem to ship. She said she would check with her team in USA and make sure to ship it on Friday. Next day I tried following up with USA team, as we know our Baba has His own plans and a much better way of getting things done for His beloved devotees as it happened in our case.
He had specially worked for us on 6th (Thursday) and shipped it on the same day. We got to know this next day, from the USA team that they shipped it separately to make sure it doesn’t get missed out and reaches on time but failed to update the system hence it was not showing as shipped in system on Thursday night. It had finally made to USCIS on 7th, the Friday.
We felt it was Baba in the form of a girl who worked on our case and shipped it. Also by Baba’s grace only my Hubby got client letter, his client does not give client letter to anyone. Hubby asked his manager and he readily agreed and gave the letter on the same day.

9 days later, we got the decision on Wednesday (Thursday in India) on 100th Mahaparayan day (both myself and hubby are part of Mahaparayan MP-131 & MP-94 ) that our case was REJECTED.

Myself and my hubby just could not believe, as we did not have the faintest of doubt ( hence we did not look out for other jobs), especially with the way Baba helped with upgrade we felt that Baba Himself delivered our documents then why should we have doubt, but it was rejected. I was so, so and so mad with Baba, I was being sarcastic with Baba, that He is nicely sitting here in USA and getting big temple constructed for Himself but sending us back ( in New Jersey there is plan to make Shirdi in America , we had donated some small contribution for it). I began to pack and kept Baba’s idol as the first item in our bag.

Initially in anger I thought we will stop our parayan and 9 weeks rounds (were just done with 5 weeks). Then we decided that we will not to stop and instead complete it. My Hubby reads devotees’ experiences every day and he keeps sharing how Baba visited so many devotees in human form. He has always wanted to see Baba in human form and keeps praying for it, but it never happened.

Today (Sep 23) morning my Hubby after his stotram parayan and Satcharitra had strongly prayed to Baba that it had been 6 years since we had been praying but never got His darshan in human form. He said to Baba that we may not be as devoted like His other devotees, but nevertheless we are His devotees. He had prayed that and now we were leaving USA (Sep 30th) please give us darshan in human form and that we should recognize Him.

We had to put up all our stuff for sale and today being weekend so many people were coming home to check and buy the stuff.

Around noon, one person called my hubby and said “Hi I am interested in your $ 12 fan which you put up for sale”. He came down, a man in his 60’s; my hubby got him inside to check other items. He stepped inside, as we were talking, he got to know we are Marathi and said that he is also a Maharashtrian. As he walked inside checking other items, he asked if we are selling everything because of visa issues and started talking about his own visa issues in past. Then suddenly he kept hand on my husband’s head and said, God bless you. Om Gana Nathaya Namaha , Om Sai Nathaya Namaha. Husband couldn’t believe, but it struck him, it’s Baba as per his request, Who came home to bless us.

Then, he started talking to us. He had been in US since 25 years and had Sai temple in Home. People come to his home for Aarti every Thursday and showed some videos of pooja’s at home.

Annually, he does annadanam, where 75 people are being served food in his back yard( you can imagine how big his home must be, to accommodate 75 people in his yard ).
We said that we wish we could visit annadanam. Then he said that he had not come to take the Fan. (does a guy who is staying 25 years in USA with such a big house need $12 fan?)

He said, as you guys were nervous and so worried, Baba sent me to tell you that everything would be alright, ”he specially looked at me while saying this, as I was scolding Baba all the while”.

He said, No harm will ever come and that He will take care of everything. I and hubby were in tears and fell on His feet. He added, I am always with you, you asked I came.

We literally could not believe all that was happening. He also blessed our son.

We asked him to take tea or coffee but he said that he had to go to the gym and he cannot eat anything. He just asked me to give some sugar. We gave some sweet and sugar.

I had taken oath that I will not take sugar in Tea/Coffee and have been doing that since March until today (Sep 23). Exactly he asked me to give some sugar. We got reminded of Chap 15 in Satcharitra – Mr. Cholkar’s sugar experience, felt that Baba came to our home and accepted our sugar fasting and returned my sarcasm ( I kept idol inside bag) that I cannot keep Him away.

This has been the biggest miracle of our life till date and by far the most cherished one and shall remain so for rest of our life. After chatting for about 25 mins, My husband walked him out to His car and on His way, He kept moving His hand on my husband’s back, up and down like rubbing and said , I have your back, don’t worry, do Baba’s seva always and serve parents. I will take care of everything. Then He left.

At this point we were on top of the world, my husband was elated to the core and I was very happy but still bothered that Baba did not mention that we will come back to USA.

Then a little later, we found that we did not give him fan remote and texted him to collect it. He said that we could drop remote in his mailbox and this way we could see his home and if we were willing we could go for the next annadanam. My husband came to me and asked if I prayed to Baba for getting us back to USA again and I answered yes.

Today’s day was so, so blissful day of our life. Now, I am so relieved, as I feel something good is going to come out of this rejection. We are so blessed to have a God Who instantly listens and takes care of the smallest of desires and makes us know it’s Him.

In this kaliyug, where we are so short on inclination to God and think attaining God is impossible, here is Baba Who proves that if we are just devoted to Him, end goal isn’t far, He will take care of everything.

Just one note for my fellow Sai devotees who are longing to have Baba’s darshan, I think it is intensity and depth of our prayer and I believe Baba will show His presence to everyone. I think right situations will bring out that intensity, so all of our turn will come soon, please hang on.

I would like to thank all of our Mahaparayan groups, as this would not have been possible without your contributions.

May all of devotees prayers come true, may we all be blessed with intense faith in Baba.

 Om Sai Ram
Akhila & Naresh

What a beautiful experience to experience. Felt so much of bliss to read how Baba responds to our intense prayers. There is always something better which we cannot see in our rejections. In your case one of the best of all the things was the blissful darshan of Baba thus strengthening our Bhakti which will help us cross this worldly ocean. Baba will definitely call you for His annadanam in USA soon. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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  1. Wat a beautiful experience I felt it was mine only felt so blessed reading it only I can understand how ull would have felt thank u for sharing ur experience it was very touching all d best

  2. After reading your experience I will tell you one thing it happened because he might have already planned to give you the best one and keep faith on him .
    Om Sai

  3. Wonderful experience would be only to the blessed people like you.It is really
    a miracle. I Wish wholeheartedly that your wish will be fulfilled very shortly
    Raja Velugoori

  4. I was having goose bumps and tears in my eyes as I was reading your story m so touched .. god bless you and your family .. have immense faith he will never leave us untold .. om sai ram

  5. Om Sai Ram. Akhila ji and Naresh ji, thanks for sharing such a good baba experience with all of us. It gives a lot of faith and love for baba increases. Tears rolled down my eyes, blessed are you people whom baba gave darshan. I am waiting desperately to see baba in human and to get his words. Thanks a ton��

  6. Dear Akhila & Naresh,
    What a wonderful experiance to read. I have gone through a lot of experiances myself since i started reading in Mahaparayan since 2017 and every step i felt he was walking beside me. I am sure all your prayers will be fulfilled. Om Sai Ram.

  7. Om Sai Ram! You both are blessed to have gotten Baba’s darshan and able to recognize baba in human form! Heart was pounding to read this experience! So blissful! Many of us here in US are having visa issues! Hope baba shows all the right path! Baba is with you and will do all good! Hope you come back to US son with visa issues resolved! Om Sai Ram ������

  8. I have no words reading your experience. Blessed and lucky are you to have baba blessing in human form.I really wish BABA to bless us in human form.Om Sai ram.

  9. Sairam sairam!!!! Baba ,,,, baba once you call him just once,,,, he’ll come to you in any form and bless you,,,, love him so much,,, apke bachon ke paapa maa ko aana hii hai!!!!

    • Aum Sai Ram,

      Siddha mangala stotra is set of 9 verses which describes about first incarnation of lord datta, sreepada sreevallabha. You can do this in front of swami sri pada vallabha,Lord Dattareya or Sai Baba photo.Like all other poojas put flowers, light diya, agarbatti and then just tell swamy for what purpose you are doing this parayana.Then chant the stotra for 11 times.After chanting you can put any thing like fruits,dry fruits,jaggery,sugar,rawa halwa etc as prashad. Swamy likes wheat rawa halwa.If you have wheat rawa you can make halwa and offer it.

      Do the above said pooja for 40 days.After completing 40 days do Annadanam for poor.Its good if you can offer food to atleast 11 people.You can make it by yourself and distribute or can donate money to temple or trust for annadanam.

      Start this parayana on Tuesday or thursday as these are the favourite days of Swamy.

      Below link has the Siddha Mangala Stotra

      Aum Sai Ram.

  10. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience of baba’s darshan and baba showering his blessings upon you. My tears were rolling down. Just by reading your story I felt baba, I can imagine how much you were moved by baba’s darshan. Jai Sai Ram🙏🙏 May baba’s blessings be upon all of us🙏🙏

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