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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee S. Roy From India says :

I am S. Roy from MP-16 group. I want to start sharing my experience by giving thanks to our Almighty God Shirdi Sai Baba for all the good things happened in my life till today. Generally, whenever any good happens or my wishes are fulfilled I thank Gods including Him. I came to know about Sai Baba in 1987 beginning when my father became critically ill, from one of my office colleague. I am really thankful to her also.

There are many events which made me stick to His holy feet and believe Him as “Trata” (saver). Now I am starting to share my experience. My daughter went to US for pursuing MS immediately after completing her B.E. She could get the admission in a very good university and was performing very well during the course. During her vacation, she was trying for internship, but not getting suitable one as she was not having any work experience. Ultimately she got internship in a small company, but just before joining, the company faced some funding problem and cancelled her internship deal. Due to this sudden cancellation my daughter became very upset and nervous. Then I started Sai Divya Puja for seven weeks and also promised to join Mahaparayan group if she gets internship in US (At that time only the Mahaparayan idea had just got published in “Devotee’s experience” site). After 5th Thursday Puja, she got an Internship in a very good company for more than 4 months. I was overwhelmed for these blessings from Baba. Then I also enrolled my name in Mahaparayan group. After starting Mahaparayan, I got my job too in a suitable post which I was trying since last 6 months.

In this regard I want to tell one more experience for which I was surprised. The time when I took vow for Mahaparayan, I used to hear (whenever I used to sit alone) a sound like many people are reading something together (even before my daughter got internship). But actually there was no sound anywhere in surrounding. After I enrolled my name in the Mahaparayan group this was stopped for a while.

Now coming to the other experience related to the same subject. After completing internship my daughter joined the course again (for last semester) and started looking for job in US. But again the same problem she started facing. She was getting opportunity and crossing most of the hurdles of interview, but at final stage it was getting cancelled (after 3 or 4 stages of interview) which made her upset. In the month of last April she became extremely frustrated which led me again start Divya Puja. During this time I requested Ritu ji (leader of MP-16 group) to tell me if anybody of any group was going to Shirdi, so that I can send my prayer along with him / her to Shirdi. She informed me two names, One is Nirupama jee (of MP-58 group) and Poojaji. I sent my prayer with both of them to Baba and promised Poojaji to share my experience if me and my daughter were blessed by Sai Baba. Nirupama jee sent me Baba’s prasad, flowers, photo to my address. I received those on one Thursday. Again I was overwhelmed and that night got the good news of my daughter’s job in a famous company. Within another few days she got another job in a very renowned company. Both the jobs she got before her final result was out. I must mention that in this happening period also I heard the same hymn sound of reading together.

I thank Rituj, Poojaji and Nirupamaji. I pray to Baba, He should listen the earnest prayer of His each Bhakta. I pray to Him so that He takes care of my child for her entire life, keep her safe and healthy and allow me to stay at His holy feet till my last breath.

Om Sai Ram.
S. Roy

Mahaparayan is a blessing where without Baba’s will no one can join. It is He Who decides who will read where, in which team, which chapter. He has His angels spread across and who are working to make it a success and keep the torch of Mahaparayan going.
Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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  1. Very nice. While reading I felt this is my own experience. Yes his leelas are like that only. Now I came to know that we all are one.Sai Bandhvulu(children of Sai). We all might have experienced many miracles at every step, if you observe. Some times it may be very small but we will realise later. I am also Sai devotee since my child hood. Experienced alot ,some of them realised later. Actually every Dussera I Wii do saptah Parayana.this time I didn't. Because I just enter into meditation. One fine day I remembered that even Baba didn't remind me to read.(usually Baba reminds we all know.) That evening my friend called me and informed about Mahaparayanaand said I gave your name. I can't express my feelings in words. You can understand. I thank you all members of Mahaparayana ,especially to pooja ji, Ritu hi, aparnaji, thanks is very small thing in front of this work

  2. Om sai Ram. My experience is different. I wanted to do mahaparayan but did not got the chance so i was very upset. As usual me and my father celebrated our 2018 in shiridi and retuned home on a thursay day. On that day i got a fwd msg from my aunt who introduced to one member of mahaparayan and she enrolled me to group no 163. thanks sai ram. Pls bless us all similarly and be withus all time and help us to complete this mahaparayan also successfully. Om sai ram, Sarvejana Sukhino Bhavantu.

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