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Anonymous devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba from India says : Om Sai Ram You are my everything. I don’t know how to thank You. I am so sorry Baba for sharing my experience very, very late. Sorry and please forgive me. It was only possible only because of you Baba.

First experience:– It was the biggest experience of my life. Just because of Babaji and Shiv Baba ji I got engaged to the person I love. 6 months of fights, arguments with full faith and patience and my wish is fulfilled. My family was against our marriage. I am a manglik girl and he is non manglik. Our gun milan was also 13. I was always thinking negative that if I get married to him and something bad happens then what will I do. But each and every time Baba proved me wrong that don’t trust astrologer’s horoscope, believe Him and I got the result. Yes nothing is impossible for Him, only faith and patience can lead a successful life. I did 11 weeks of Sai divya pooja. Last day my boyfriend called my mother and she agreed to meet the family and miracle of miracles happened. Everything was done smoothly, happily and without any arguments, fights both the families are happy with the decision as it is only because of Baba.

My marriage has been fixed on 8th Feb. So please everyone pray that everything should be managed smoothly, happily and without any problems. I don’t want anything should be wrong in my marriage. My parents never did bad to anyone, so their reputation should not be ruined. Baba I trust You blindly. You can do anything and I know You will do good for sure .

Second experience:- I was planning to take a new phone and my fiancé told me that I have to buy within a week but there was not enough money with us to buy in cash. Mom was very much tensed. So I prayed Baba to please do something and mother told Baba that anyhow He has to manage to get her a new phone. Suddenly my brother’s friend met my mother and my mother told our problem. See the miracle, he told that he would help her to get a new phone and within 3 days I got the phone of my choice. This was a great miracle for us and we are very thankful to You Sai. Please be with us in this way, each and every moment nobody is there to help us except You Baba.

Third experience:– I went to my cousin’s house. There I had some personal work with my sister-in-law but suddenly my uncle came to room and was not going. I was not able to talk and so I prayed Sai if You will make him go out then I will share my experience. Guess what within a second he left. This is our Sai. He can do anything. Sorry for sharing this experience late. Baba I am sorry and won’t repeat again. Babaji please bless me to share everyday wonderful experience of Yours. Please don’t be angry on me and I am very sorry if I did something wrong to others. You are my refuge Sai. I know You will only solve my all problems. I believe You, please give me, my family and my fiancé’s family happiness, wealth, good career and good health.

Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Our Baba is ever living and alert to respond to every sincere and heartfelt call of His devotees. Baba comes running to rescue His children out of a problematic situation, what we encounter. They are not mere coincidences but purely His intervention and miracles. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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