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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Anonymous Devotee From UK says: Jai Sai Ram. I am part of the MP-85 UK NavLaxsh Mahaparayan group. I wish to thank Pooja ji and the team for their efforts in successfully running this noble task through which we have got immense blessings from Baba. I am sure we all have gone more closer to Baba through this Mahaparayan. I had promised that I will share this experience with all.

A lot has happened ever since I have been part of this noble journey. Baba blessed me with a Shirdi trip during this period and furthermore He gave me a special gift when I returned to UK. After few months after I came back from Shirdi, I realised that I was pregnant and was really happy. My elder son too prayed to Baba in Shirdi that he should get a brother soon and I believed this was Baba’s gift to me and my son that by His grace only all went well and I successfully delivered a baby boy in Oct 2018. I always prayed to Baba that the baby should come in October as it will be Baba’s special Mahasamadhi month.

I was really happy to get this gift from my Lord. All was well but after few days of the birth the doctor found out that my baby had jaundice. I took it normally and thought that it will clear soon but the doctor said let’s do a blood test and see the levels and she too was thinking that it’s not that high. After the results came we were shocked as they were too high and the baby needed urgent treatment. I rushed to the hospital and I could not handle the pain and stress of seeing my baby undergoing so much distress. The doctors were taking blood sample every couple of hours and I could not feed him,
either. That was the worst moment in my life as I could not see my few days old baby in that condition. I pleaded to Baba that You gave me this gift and now this is happening to him. Please cure him and let me take on his sufferings.

I told Baba that in case you think I have honestly participated in the Mahaparayan then in reward please cure my son and the jaundice levels should drop and we should be discharged soon. Baba as ever kind listened to my prayers and after being in the hospital for 2 days my son was discharged. But the doctors said that they will monitor my son and they will need to do more blood tests .
The stress came back again as the levels started to rise after we came back home. All I could do was earnestly pray to Baba to save us from this situation. I asked Baba questions on the website and I always got positive results. My faith was on Baba that He will not let His daughter down and my son will be fine.

At this time on one Tuesday I read an experience on the devotees’ experiences website where a lady had mentioned how Baba cured a baby’s jaundice. I took this as a sign and was assured that in the next level the jaundice levels will be low. My faith did win as the doctor did a test on Wednesday and she called in the afternoon that the levels had dropped and he did not need any treatment.

My joys knew no bounds and I was in tears at the mercy of my Lord. However they did say that they will again do a blood test after few days and referred my son to the prolonged jaundice clinic which I am sure Baba will again get normal results in that. I had a tough time but my faith in Baba was tougher than that. I can’t thank enough to my Lord without whom I can’t even take a single breath. Please keep us near Your lotus feet Baba. We want to be closer to You always. May Baba bless all.

Om Sai Ram


What Baba gives us stays forever with eternal happiness and joy. Doubts and difficulties surround us to test, confirm and concrete our faith therein. Love You Sai, Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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