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Shirdi Sai Devotee Gowri Oberoi from India says:
Poojaji I will be happy if this experience be posted during this Navratri as it has a nice message for all. How Baba travelled with me in business class.

Two days ago (8-10-2018) I was in flight returning from New York via London and before boarding flight from London, I prayed for Sai Appa to come with me in flight. In the boarding queue standing next to me, I saw a white male, a very old monk or sanyasi kind of person wearing orange and peach clothes like Baba. I was wondering if it was Baba.

When I boarded and was about to sit on my seat, surprisingly I saw the same old Baba on the seat next to mine! There were seats facing each other in the airline and he was facing me and had a wrinkly pleasant and calm smile when I saw him. As I was settling in my seat keeping cabin baggage in the bin and adjusting belt etc., I saw that there were two headphones kept on my seat so I asked him if one was his and he said “No I have mine and you got lucky and got two!” I felt like it was Baba Himself and He was saying that I got lucky and I got two Darshans of Him and even got to travel sitting facing Him! Not to mention the flight was very comfortable with no turbulence and the service was also amazing by Baba’s grace.

Later when the flight landed and the Sanyasi was standing ahead of me to get off the plane, I heard the male purser talking to the monk and learnt that he was the Head guru of Iskon temple in London! In his form Sai Appa did travel with me. I feel so happy that Sai Baba heard my prayer and travelled with me and made me do my Naam Jaap on air as I believe praying while flying in sky reaches God easily as I always get amazing vibrations when praying in air. I’m also sure that He will hear my prayer and all Sai devotees’ prayers and visit all our homes too during this Centenary Mahasamadhi Navratri. We just have to call Him with complete love and surrender

May Sai Baba bless all His Sai devotees by visiting their homes and spreading His light in everyone’s lives forever with His divine light. Bow to Shri Sai Peace be to all.

Om Sairam
Gowri Oberoi

Without His will not a leaf can move, be it anything even the publishing of the experiences. Dear Sai Maa, please always enfold us in Your shawl so that we always get and feel the motherly warmth of Your love. Give us the eyes and heart that makes us see You nd feel You in every creattion of Yours. Love You So Much Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

– Pooja Garg

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