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Shirdi Sai devotee Shyamala RY from India says: Om Sai Ram! Hello All, Om Sai Ram. This is Shyamala RY from Bangalore, I am a devotee of Baba since my childhood and He has been my guide since time immemorial. Though I have been connected to Him as said, in a way my connection with Him was not so strong those days, like how it is today.

It was early this year in 2018, that my chords with Baba got reconnected in a deepened sense. All the credits for strengthening my faith towards Baba goes to my beloved brother Manjunath RY. He went on sharing his own experiences in a great deal and though I had my own share of experiences too, the amount of spiritual experiences we talked together made me intensify my faith on Baba to a great extent.

Every other day I would experience new marvels and miracles. One night I find Baba Himself outside my home close to the gate with a hazy look. Then the other day my 5 year old daughter finds Him while she suddenly wakes up from her sleep in His saffron attire in her room and she’s all aghast with the experience and since then she’s His devotee too. I and my daughter were once saved from a grave accident too.

Likewise through miracles after miracles, Baba began guiding me in His beautiful ways making my life amazing. Early this year, it so happened that I was supposed to attend Di Jaan Jaya Wahi’s reiki Session and on the same dates I had booked tickets to meet my friend in Mumbai and felt very bad that I wouldn’t be able to make it to Di’s reiki session, but to my surprise after I landed in Mumbai through my dad’s idea and through my dearest friend Vaishali’s commitment I could unexpectedly for the first time could make it to Shirdi. This was Baba’s enchanting ways of pulling me to Shirdi which came as a blessing in disguise.

Prior to my Shirdi visit, I had to face a situation wherein I was very upset and wanted to discuss my disappointment with Baba and that was the day I literally visualised Baba in my mind’s eye and meditated and asked my questions with Him while I meditated upon Him. Lo behold! To my surprise Baba answered my questions and I felt so blissful for having had Baba in my life and ever since that day Baba has been answering my questions.

Initially, He used to answer my queries upon meditating, gradually He started answering my questions and to add more to my experiences He has been talking to me, He corrects me while I go wrong. In fact, He has been guiding me to be on the right track, I understand that it’s hard to believe, but I have no words to explain how I run short of words to say this to the world.

Upon getting in to Mahaparayan, every week, every second of my life has been a teaching from Baba. Anything I take up, I find Him within me either permitting me to go for it or warning me to not to take up. I had never expected that Baba will choose me to experience such fascinating Baba’s glorified experiences.

I feel humbled and lucky for having gone through a series of fortunate happenings. My urge to all the devotees is to trust and put in your faith to such an extent that Baba becomes a part of your life and you will end up sensing that He’s very much with you as guiding lamp like how I find Him. My sincere pranams to Baba my Father for all His guidance and cares since He’s been my true guardian all along. Thank You Baba. Om Sai Parabrahmanah Namah.

Om Sai Ram
Shyamala RY

Baba’s divine manifestations are such blissful experiences for His devotees and it completely transpires us in a trance status, Baba bless us for we wish to be in hypnosis and trance state like this in Your love forever and ever. Blessed and extremely fortunate to be under Your wings. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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