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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Gowri from India says: I am Gowri Oberoi from New Delhi (Class teacher of MP-19, Principal Of AASM Monday, Principal of 365 Sai Gowri group, coordinator and participant in many other prayer groups like VSP, BMP etc. by Sai Baba’s heavenly grace.)

This morning (18-10-2018) after 4 am Brahma Muhurat Khichdi Parayan, while offering Khichdi I asked Baba to show me somehow that He has accepted my Khichadi offering especially since it was the last BMP of this Baba’s Mahasamadhi Centenary year. Later I called 9 Kanyas for Navmi Kanjak/Kanya Puja for completion of my Navratri fast. Then my maid, who is also a Sai devotee asked them if they knew Sai Baba.

One girl said she does. I asked where is Sai Baba right now and that girl pointed to her right side and said “Wo yahaan hain” meaning, he is right here. There was another girl sitting on her right side. I was happy as I assumed that Baba must be sitting between these two girls and watching the prayer.

Later after their Charan (feet or paada) Pooja and application of kumkum Akshata and tying moli (red thread), etc. I gave them Prasad. In their plates, along with halwa pooris and chana, I also placed only a small quantity of the Khichdi that I had made for BMP as kids don’t usually like to eat Khichdi and I didn’t want Prasad to get wasted.

The girl who was sitting on the right side of this girl who said Sai Baba is right here, called me and said “Ye Khichdi bahut swaad hai” meaning this Khichdi is very tasty and asked me to give her some more! No one else asked for more but only this girl asked! I understood that she was Baba and He was speaking through her and He was saying that He liked and accepted my Khichdi. I gave more Khichdi to her and she finished that also and asked for more and more many times and I kept giving her! She said that it was the best and the most tasty thing in this plate and kept eating my Khichdi!

I was ecstatic with joy as Baba not only came to my home on Navratri but also showed me that He accepted my Khichdi offering and also relished it by having more and more. What more could I ask for? But Baba has more to give me as He also read the other wish on my mind to have His darshan on His Mahasamadhi Centenary day, Dussehera tomorrow on the 19th October, 2018 which seemed to be impossible.

He has called me to Bangalore and is giving me darshan of His Padhukas tomorrow in Sai Sister Laveena’s house. Sai Baba’s dear one Mhalsapatiji’s great grandson will also be there tomorrow! I saw her invite in my Sai Parivaar group this morning and later asked my husband hesitatingly as I thought he might get upset as he had just returned from a hectic work trip to many countries just one hour ago and might refuse.

Surprisingly, he immediately agreed for my going and even helped me with selecting flight etc. while I booked the ticket and I will be going from New Delhi early in the morning tomorrow to Bangalore.

Isn’t all this amazing? Can you all imagine how happy I am? My two elder sisters have also agreed to come with me, one who is in Bangalore and the other from Chennai are joining me tomorrow. Baba’s Leelas are unthinkable! Thank You so much Baba, Jai Sai Ram.

Sai Ram

Gowri Oberoi

Thank You Sai Maa for building a beautiful Sai Pariwaar globally through Your initiative of this global Mahaparayan. Baba has tied knots with beautiful souls all over the world now, although most of us have never met but still all of us work in so much of unison as per our Baba’s guidance. Two of the gems out of so many have been Baba’s lovely daughters Laveenaji and Gowriji ever ready to serve our Sai Maa day and night selflessly and are playing a very vital role behind the success of this global initiative; ofcourse chosen by Baba only! May Sai Maa bless them and their families too. Love You So Much! Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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  1. Very beautiful experience gowriji….you seem to be such intense devotees that am not surprised that deva Baba to come…om Sai Ram.

  2. Sai baba help me… Love uhh baba,plzz baba ab aap hi meri mmadat kr skte hai ,plz sai baba meri 1 he wish hai plz baba puri kr dijiye…Apke charan kamlo me puri sbkuch de diya hai plz bhagwan apni kripa drishti bnaye rhkhiye

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