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Shirdi Sai Devotee Prathiba S
From India Says:

I wanted to be a part of the Mahaparayan from the time I heard of it. Baba has been with me all the way. So I enrolled for it right away as it was His blessing in disguise.

I was praying earnestly to Baba to bless us with a child.
My prayers were answered just before the start of the Mahaparayan. I was sick from the nausea and morning sickness. I prayed to Baba that He should give me the strength to not break the Mahaparayan for any reason. I also prayed that He should be with me throughout the pregnancy and safeguard the foetus.

He took care of me each and every day. I did not have any problems with my pregnancy and all scans where normal. I prayed for a normal delivery and prayed that Baba be with me throughout my labour through my delivery.

My baby was due on the May 19th 2018. I was all set for the induction of labour on May 19th but fortunately things started to happen naturally. So there was no need to induce. Baba gave me the strength to tolerate the pain as it was now 3 days since my contractions had started. Today when I look back it was only by His grace that I tolerated the pain as I’m the one who cannot bear even a small pain. After more than 20 hours of labour pain there was a problem. My baby’s head did not fit into the perineum and I was getting weak due to the pain. Our doctor advised us to go in for an emergency C-Section. Though hesitant I trusted that Baba would take care of me whatever danger befalls me. I prayed for the safe delivery of my baby. We gave our consent for the C – Section.

Baba blessed us with a baby girl on May 20th 2018. The next day the doctor met us and told us that we did the right thing by giving a nod for the C-Section as the baby had started consuming meconium which could have been harmful to the baby. There was a lot of blood loss for me too. Baba was there with me through my labour and delivery.

I’m happy now with my little baby girl and each day when I see her smiles I’m thankful to Baba for His care and blessings. I am all the more thankful that I have been able to read every Thursday for the Mahaparayan whatever the situation was.

Thank You Baba for making me a part of the Mahaparayan.
Prathiba S

Pratibha ji we really appreciate your true bhakti and the strong will to read yourself for Mahaparayan and not giving any room for any kind of excuses whatsoever like pregnancy, delivery or a small baby to take care. This shows your time management, prioritization skill and deep understanding of the essence of Mahaparayan as Baba Himself is directing it for every creation!

Baba is the greatest Healer, Savior, Protector, Guru and above all The Greatest Father to His devotees. He makes sure that His children get the best and also gives us more than what we deserve as per our Karmas by constantly working upon us in His inscrutable ways! No doubt His Accounting is ZERO defect and He has to perfectly tally our Balance sheet. So He works out projects like Mahaparayan to add to our good Karmas on the Asset’s side and thus balance our Liabilities’ Side. So He is the Greatest and the best Accountant too as He thus gives us the best possible; sometimes even that which is not in our fate. But we need complete surrender, faith and patience to understand His ways! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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