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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee A.RaviJi from India says: My dear friends, Baba means for me everything. He is everything, Matha, Pitha Guru Deivum. I have blind devotion towards Him. One of our astrologer told that I may get separated from my husband due to some reason. I was confused, when I don’t have problem with my husband and blessed to have such a life partner who takes care of me so much, how could I get separated from him? He said that time it was my 7.5 Shani Devta’ effect.

But my blind devotion always telling my heart all happens for good. I had developed some neour problem. That time doctors advised to go for a small surgery. I had been to Chennai, traveled from Delhi
and visited Baba’s temple in Thambaram. There one old Babaji was there who said that I would not have any problem and gave me Baba’s Udi and asked to keep It near me always even during surgery.

My surgery took place in May 2005 in All India Medical Hospital. After the surgery I was brought to ICU. After 5 to 6 hours of surgery I got a dream in which Baba said, “oh you get up. Nothing has happened to you, you are alright, go for work”. I said, “Baba I had two operations and how can I get up?” He said, “ no no very minor surgery only. Nothing has happened.” I got up and said, “I want to see my sister Rajalakshmi, or my husband or my.mother and I want to share this to them.”

Nurse said,“you have just had a surgery and not to wake up suddenly.” My sister came inside, I told her everything. She said, “it’s only a dream because you must have seen Baba which is there at your back.” I was surprised to see a big Baba’s photo which was just above my head in that hospital.

Since then that day till date, I speak to Baba. He is my Pitha, Matha Bandhu and Sakha. If I get any problem, I write a chit and keep it in His feet where I kept there one plastic bag. I do not even need to wait for anything. He just clears my problem. When He is there why fear.

After that I got transfer to Bangalore on 2005 December from my office, that’s how I got separated from my husband for 3 years and than he got transferred to Bangalore Times of India. I placed my children in good school and college. Then we got our own house in Bangalore.

Those three years I had Baba’s murthy with Whom I keep all my worries in chit and one by one He cleared all. My children got placed in good company, my daughter got married and now got a girl baby. My husband is retired. I have become house wife now and about to become mother-in-law by Baba’s grace. In between 2005 to 2010 I had lots of problems but Baba was with me so all passed like passing clouds.
Sabka Malik ek.

Om Sai Ram
Annapoo Ravi

Baba is always with us, beside us or behind us. We may not feel Him or see Him, but still He is always listening us and will work out the best for us. Our soul sheds its bodily attire and accepts new body birth on birth. Baba we pray to you to submerge our souls in Your eternal bliss and light. Love You Deva, Jai JAi Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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  1. You are so blessed. I daily read this blog before going to sleep. I get such a nice feeling. I can't explain. He is always there. We need to have sairam

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