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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Mythili Murugan from US says: Sai Ram! I am Mythili from California, US. Regarding submitting the Mahaparayan experience it was in my thoughts for quite some time but for something or other my mind was not ready to start writing. I thought of submitting during Sai Baba’s 100th year day. Maybe Sai wants me to write the Mahaparayan experience today, Roll No: 14
MP – 327 Ashwini (US – 1) 44 and below is my Sai’s Leela in my life.

As a Sai devotee, I would suggest everyone be patient and have faith in your prayers like our Sai Baba says to follow the Shraddha and Saburi! From my Mahaprayan Experience, you will know how true it is.

From my childhood age, my mom is a Sai devotee, we visit Sai Baba temple occasionally in Mylapore, Chennai. My mom used to have a very bad knee pain in her left leg. She couldn’t bend, nor climb the stairs and she just took the tablet when the pain was more. Since the doctor suggested for the surgery and my mom was scared to undergo the surgery, she took pills whenever she suffered from pain. Someone told my mom about Mylapore Sai, to have faith and go to the temple. She visited the Sai temple, in years my mom became a serious devotee of Sai Baba. She started going on Thursday’s and day by day her faith was getting strong towards Sai Baba. She was surprised where the pain had
gone. My mom is a widower[ when I was studying my 7th grade I lost my dad in an accident] and still, now she is good with a decent living. In Sai Satcharitra, I have come across, who surrenders Him truly Sai will be take care of all their situations. I have experienced this through my mom.

My mom suggested to pray to Sai to my uncle’s daughter, when she went through the toughest time in her life after losing her husband. She got faith in Sai and her prayers were answered, and she told her sister the same way pray to Sai, and her sister started worshipping Sai and saw the knots were free. I started worshipping Sai for the past 5 years. According to me, the numbers[ 1day, 1 month, 1 year devotee] does not count, True Seva speaks it all.

In 2016, I had an issue with heavy bleeding, lying down in the bed, taking painkillers, doing nothing during my periods. I went to India and the doctor suggested me to remove the uterus. Since I was young, my family members and friends did not suggest me to do so. Meanwhile, My friend Jayashree was doing Sai 9 weeks pooja and she invited me to the pooja and I thought I should also start doing it.

I started doing Sai 9 weeks pooja knowing from my friend Jayashree[ I still believe Sai sent her to me to free the knots], who is a serious devotee of Sai. I can’t forget those days, She is the one who started the first day pooja and told me how to assemble the Sai Baba in the yellow cloth and told me even with a simple prasad Sai will be happy. Just have faith in Him, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Sai. I also successfully did my 9 weeks pooja, inviting my friends and gave Prasad and it went very well. I had the fulfillment. A lot of changes in my lifestyle happened, some of our friends started regular walking and running and I was one among them. I saw the changes and improvement in my health.

During chanting the 9 weeks, I came across the sloka asking Sai for reading Sai Satcharitra, I was not aware of that and Jayashree also told me now you started 9 weeks pooja, later there’s more to know about more things.

In 2017, I went to India for my mom’s eye surgery and I also wanted to meet a different doctor this time for consulting about my health issues. I did not mention to the doctor about my earlier problems and did uterus scan and some tests doctor asked me to do. The doctor told me to come and meet her with the results. Having the results and also took my last year results with me to discuss, little hesitant to hear what she was going to tell me. To my surprise, the doctor told everything looks fine and I was puzzled. I told her, last year I met with the doctor and was told that I need to remove the uterus and showed her the results. The doctor told me that was past, now you are all fine and you need some Vitamin D and that was all. What a surprise! I have no words to explain and I thanked Sai.

Back from India, I started doing my, second 9 Weeks Pooja and this time I got the book Sai Satcharitra. Meanwhile, Jayashree told to come to temple on Thursday’s for helping Sai Baba Pooja, whenever I could, to just come and volunteer. I started going to temple on Thursdays and did volunteering whenever I could. I shared my experiences with my friends and shared my thoughts about starting reading Sai Satcharitra to Jayashree and she told, just because we think we can’t do it, you will get instructions from Sai, just leave it to Him and my 2 other friends Sujatha and Jayanthi told they also read this book but got to be disciplined to finish the whole book starting Thursday and ending it in next Thursday, I was wondering how would I finish all the chapters. I kept the book in pooja room and told Oh Sai, I don’t know, this is Your problem You let me know when to start reading Sai Satcharitra and meanwhile 9 weeks pooja was completed.

During November 2017, Jayanthi called me and told I know your Interest towards reading Sai Satcharitra, I found a Facebook group who are doing it in groups of people and it would be easier for you to start with some chapters at the beginning. Jayanthi [ this time Sai came through Jayanthi] asked me can I give your name to Ashwini Ji, I told yes, please. Ashwini Ji called me and told about the Sai Baba’s 100th-year celebration, rules and cleared my doubts.

I was so surprised Sai answered my questions and I felt, I am blessed to be part of this positive group and I successfully completed reading my first year Mahaprayan and continuing in the second year. When I was reading Sai Satcharitra chapters, it felt like I got solutions to my questions, now and then I will have something going on and wondering why this is happening? The moment I start reading I feel, I am not alone, sometimes even in tears. Thanked Sai Baba for His Leelas.

Past 3 years we had an issue with tenant back in India, who was not vacating the house, not paying the rent, the problem would look like almost it was done but again it would bounce back. I slowly engaged my husband to read the Sai Satcharitra and my husband told me that this book is not just to read, as also always follow the sayings. Three months back after, the tenant agreed to accept an offer by us and the tenant finally vacated.

I truly believe Sai helped us out, still, it is a miracle. Like this some or other problems would be coming and going like a passing cloud, nothing is permanent. I am trying for a job for past 6 months. There have been ups and down. I told to Sai, I will do my work from my side, You help me to find it at the right time. Sai will give me a good opportunity. Just leave it to the feet of Sai, have Faith and Patience. Sai will take care of everything. Sai will be with us always. Thank you, everyone for listening to my story. Sai loves all His children and Sai will free the knots .

Om Sai Ram
Mythili Murugan

How can we walk in a dark tunnel which seems to be endless? It’s only when we walk with a torch (trust God and walk holding His hand,) that is when we get to see the light in the tunnel and darkness begins to diminish depending on the size of our torch (faith). Baba will respond as per our faith and can give us even what is not in our destiny. With unconditional love, devotion, consistent faith and above all patience will make the impossible as possible!So let’s hold our torch firmly. Trust Deva All Would Go Well…! Love You Deva Jai JAi Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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