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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Usha Ramesh from India says: Sai Ram! Om Sai Ram! My name is Usha. I have a son with special needs and have a daughter that needs some extra help with her studies and homework. This situation has been affecting our emotional, financial and social condition. I had to stop working 3 years ago when we realized our son’s situation. My husband also lost job 4 months ago and we were both seriously looking for a job since then. I got the opportunity to participate in Mahaparayan. Because of the demands from my son’s therapy schedules and preparations, I thought twice. But, as soon as I prayed to Baba, I felt very comfortable and as if it was meant to be.

As soon as I mentioned about my commitment, I started getting recruiter calls and things started moving for my job search. Since I started reading for Mahaparayan, my husband started getting more phone calls and telephone interviews. Because of our son’s situation, he can’t stay away from home during the week also. I feel like Baba has best things in store in local companies for Him and me. I feel positive and very hopeful that we both will find something very soon.

Each week after starting parayan, I started seeing a positive change in both my kids. My son started doing some activities that he never did before – going on scooter and bike. He even started learning skates. He is 6 years old and we have been trying to teach him to go on bike for the last 3 years. He started doing all these in 3 weeks after starting the Mahaparayan. My daughter also started listening better and practicing some home work without much resistance.

Baba helped us to beget our children. We had our daughter after 10 years after marriage, after a lot of struggles. I was praying to Baba all through our pregnancy struggles and He blessed us with our daughter. I prayed to Him back then and promised that I would post it on the message board (blog). Now is the time He gave me an opportunity to do this. Thank You Baba for showing me a way to get Your blessings through Mahaparayan .

Om Sai Ram
Usha Ramesh

Baba knows all our needs the best. He also knows our Karmic accounts of past all the births and hence would give us accordingly to help us achieve our final goal of self realisation by clearing our sins. Why Fear When Our Baba Is Here? He will surely give us that would work out best for us. Just Trust Him wholeheartedly! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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