Due To Shirdi Sai Baba’s Blessings My Mobile Started Working

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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Dimple M from India says: Dear Hetalji and all members of Mahaparayan accept my humble pranams. Here I am writing my experience in the morning.

While bathing I received a call and it was for volunteer work for poor students where I had to teach them free of cost since the coordinator and NGO people were not free it was pending for 2-3 weeks. I was also doing Sai Guruvar vrat and it was third day. So in a hurry while bathing I picked up the call. After speaking with the person while keeping on shelf it fell in a half bucket of water. I immediately picked it up but it had stopped working.

It was a Mahaparayan day and I had to read chapters, submit it(report it) and everything was in that phone. So I prayed to Sai then only phones model was displayed but it was switching on and off on its own. Then at 12 o’clock, I applied Udi on screen as I had read in devotees’ experiences and to my amazement the phone started but screen was hazy. Many time I had to stop reading as screen became blank but somehow I managed to complete my reading of allotted chapters and reporting via whatsapp in afternoon. The screen and phone are better now and all thanks to our beloved Sai Baba.

I just pray to Sai and request all Sai devotees to pray for me to cure the lameness of my leg . When I was 10 years old I took part in sports and after few months without any apparent reason it started paining. Doctor of doctor I couldn’t find the reason. Now the leg is bent and because of the pressure and I limp all the time. My height was 5 feet then at 10 years now I am 33 years and height grew only by 1 inch that is 5.1. The orthopaedic doctor said that my height would have been 5.11 but because the growth tissue got damaged the height also didn’t increase.

Because of limping spine became bent and now my whole body is like tedha medha and with each steps I experience excruciating pain that I almost end up with tears. I know this is for my past karma but I ask forgiveness from Sai to forgive me. It’s 23 years that I am suffering. Please have mercy on me and cure me.

One Baba had told that it was black magic when I was 15 years old and he gave me things to keep with me for a week and yes it did work but before the week was completed my mom threw it in gutter due to misunderstanding and the Baba couldn’t be contacted and till today it hurts as I would have been cured many many years back only.

Whatever be the case please pray to Sai to cure me completely and I shall be entirely indebted to You Sai.
Please forgive me for my sins because of which I am suffering.

Om Sai Ram
Dimple M

Oh The Most Merciful Deva we may not always understand Your unfathomable ways. For You nothing is impossible. After tallying our Karmic Account Sheet, You give accordingly and sometimes even that which is not in our fate. Help Your children do such good karmas which would be enough to cure Sai Sister Dimple’s lameness of leg and in our cases lameness of mind. Love you Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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