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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Kratika Sharma from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am Kratika Sharma member of MP-115 Sneh Sai group. Baba fulfilled my wish and I want to share the happiness with everyone.

Last whole year i.e 2018 I waited for a call to Shirdi from my Baba. I have never been to Shirdi and pray everyday for the same to Baba. Soon I realised that this year also I will not be able to go Shirdi, so I wished to at least get some prasad from Sansthan. Everyday I prayed for Shirdi prasad from Baba and likewise time went on.

By the December end I lost every hope of getting prasad. Then New Year came, I thought of going to local Sai temple on 1st Jan to celebrate New Year with Baba. Me and my family started in car for temple and suddenly in miway car battery got discharged. Some kind people helped us out and asked us to head back home straight otherwise anytime the car may stop. I returned home and thought that neither Baba called me to Shirdi nor I received Shirdi Prasad from anyone and now even on New Year I couldn’t get Baba’s Darshan. I was not angry with Baba but somewhere this thought was stuck with me. On first Thursday of 2019 i.e. on 3rd Jan (Mahaparayan Day), I prayed Baba to give me Darshan in form of His photo. On the way to office I couldn’t find any photo and while returning home in evening I totally forgot about my wish. As soon as I entered my house my father informed me that someone gave him Shirdi prasad. What a moment it was! I was so surprised and elated! I confirmed the same again and again from my father. It was a magical feeling to get the Shirdi prasad on first Mahaparayan Day of New Year. We all had the prasad and I thanked Baba for His beautiful blessings.

Now I understand why I didn’t get the prasad earlier. Baba was saving this moment for me and my family for the New Year blessings. Also our car breaking down was a blessing in disguise. My father had to go for some work to other city next day. If the car had not broke down, we wouldn’t have known that there was an issue with battery. My loving Baba saved my Father from unnecessary trouble. I learnt the real meaning of Shraddha and Saburi through the Mahaparayan. Our Baba knows each and every wish of His children and He lovingly fulfills them for their happiness. May Baba bless everyone with peace, happiness and prosperity. I am grateful to the Mahaparayan Team for making me a part of a group. Om Sai Ram .

Om Sai Ram
Kratika Sharma

Baba our greatest Teacher may test us to strengthen our faith but if we pass this test with perseverance, then the experiences that He gives us are incomparable with the pleasures of our expectations. So we should all surrender to His doings rather than expecting and laying conditions for He surely knows our intentions and desires and He will fulfill sooner or later with a dash of His signature style, magic, and that will be worth the wait. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg
#Experience 519

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