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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From USA says: Om Sai Ram

I wanted to share my very own experience how Sri Sainath landed me in a job. This is clearly a miracle for me how things got lined up for me. I live in US on H4 status, it’s been almost 5 years that I am here now. From day 1 in US I always desired to work and be independent but because of my status I did not have work authorization. I even joined master to get work permit. I cannot explain but there were lot of hurdles in my path and nothing did work for me and there was a period when I was almost depressed.

I noticed Sai book at our Pooja mandir during my prayer (my husband bought it from Baba temple when he visited) The book was full of experiences of people how it worked for them after they started Sai Pooja. I did Sai Pooja for 5 weeks and co-incidentally joined in Mahaparayan group in June. I am truly lucky to be chosen to be part of this great group and at the same time I started Sai pooja.

This time I believed strongly something would work and started applying for jobs. I came across some Indian company on job portal. Company names starts with Sai****, I called them they were positive and I got like 10 days’ time to prepare. I did not have any prior experience but I can say I gave my best to learn new technology and it was a JR position. I did get a call and I went to give my interview but I should say the interviewer did not ask me anything related to the technology they needed but all the questions were side tracked. They called me and said they might consider but did not give me a call back and said it was on-hold.

I don’t want to waste any more time being idle and was willing to join any job that did not even suit my profile as I had already spent a lot on my education in US. So my husband’s friend helped me get an interview set up with a company who pay XX an hour. So it went well and they wanted me to start on Monday. 3 weeks were set up for training , I did well in all the rounds but I still don’t believe how I failed an open book exam which I took two times ( I say this because I cleared very tough exams in the past ). So I was no longer eligible to work there since I failed the exam.

When I failed to clear a simple exam I was so upset and my confidence levels were so low. But even I just started applying and one job that was about to apply where one of my distant friend works. She referred me and interview went very well and I had an offer. This job that I got was the best job than previous two jobs and technology. I learned to get into the Indian company is what helped to crack the interview. I say things had to fall in place because
1. I only happened to learn the new technology because Sai**** company were very positive of taking me. If they had not have spoken positively in the beginning things may have not worked.
2. And the test I failed was with just 1%. If that did not happen I might end up doing the job that I did not like.

I truly believe in Sai because this happened to me only after joining Mahaparayan after few weeks. I am a person who never posts any comments in any group but I wanted to do this because I know how it feels when you want something so bad and nothing works for you. Believe me there is some power that drives to get things in right place. Please be patient our Sai listens to all our prayers. I am so thankful to be part of this group and I am now recommending my friends to read Sai Satcharitra.

Thank You,

To give job is just not the job of Baba’s Mahaparayan. To work out the best for His children taking into consideration their Karmic accounts and take them towards self realization, is the job of our most merciful and loving Baba. Believe me I think, His job is the toughest! So let’s be humble to this old man and love Him and serve Him unconditionally at our best with the smallest possible gestures and never blame Him. Always believe that this Universal Mother (Saimaa) will always do the best possible for Her children. Love You Deva Jai Jai Ho Sai. 

Pooja Garg
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