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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Shagun Lamba from India says: Om Sai Ram to all devotees. I am Shagun lamba from New Delhi. First thanks to Baba for providing me this beautiful opportunity to be a part of global Mahaparayan and second thanks to Pooja didi may Baba bless you always di for this selfless service which is helping many, many people to receive Baba’s blessings. Now I want to share one of the beautiful experience that I had during this Mahaparayan and here it goes.

I used to visit Baba’s temple every Thursday and I am very attached to that temple because that temple is my Shirdi. As I can’t go Shirdi everytime to share my feelings, happiness or sorrow so the temple where I used to share everything is not less than Shirdi for me. I share everything with Baba in that temple so I have many emotional attachments with that temple. But then I got to know that they were doing nothing to celebrate Baba’s Centenary year. I got upset that Baba how is that possible that every temple will celebrate 100 years of Your consciousness and my temple will be left deserted?

So Baba struck a thought in my mind that I must take an initiative to make that day special but someone said “Tere ek ke kehne se kaise karenge vo?”( How they will do just for my sake?) Then what? I got an electric current, I went to the temple and talked to the members of Sai mandir who take care of Sai temple decoration etc. I asked them to put a banner for 100th year and a beautiful flower decoration for Baba. He agreed for the same very politely. I thanked him too and then talked with the devotees who used to visit the temple everyday. They said they were also thinking to do Baba’s kirtan on 19th and to distribute prasad of khichadi on that day. So all worked as per plan but the most beautiful thing was the celebration was much more than I was expecting.

It made me cry that I got a chance to sing Baba’s bhajan for the first time ever on mike as well as to take palki on my shoulders. This proved very well that bhakti has unlimited shakti. Baba 100% always encourages good thoughts. We danced in front of Baba non stop. I had never seen such a beautiful celebration for Baba which Baba did for us only. Seriously Baba worked beyond my imagination for the decorations, the Bhajans, the dance and everything was done with a superb energy. Hamara mandir hil gaya tha(Our temple had shaken up due to the atmosphere that day). Seriously there was so much happiness, energy and everyone had gone mad in Baba’s love. Thank You Baba for the lovely day and for the lovely experience. Where nothing was planned there Baba made us have such a celebration which I can’t explain in words. I don’t know how many Watts of energy was there in our temple yesterday? We all became jogiya of Baba, mad in His love. Tthanks for reading. Om Sai Ram, May our Baba bless all .

Om Sai Ram
Shagun Lamba

Just for the sake of His devotees Baba gets all the things planned. He is happy when His children are happy else He has nothing to do with decorations and other paraphernalia as it’s just not 100 years of celebrations for Baba as He has been from the very beginning of time and would be there till infinity! But He celebrates when we bask in love and devotion and dance out of happiness for such celebrations. Baba is the best planner so just trust His plans! He will definitely have a better plan for all of  us! Happy Ugadi, Happy Gudi Padwa to all the Baba’s children. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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