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Shirdi Sai Devotee Nandini Nazaré From India says: Om Sai Ram
I, Nandini Nazaré, belong to the MP-124 Dhiraj group.
On 21st sept 2018, I underwent a surgery. On 23rd morning may be around 5.15 am I had a vision of Baba. I saw Baba’s idol around a 1.5 feet in size and next to Him were my son abd younger brother as babies. Then suddenly there was a bright red light and Baba’s idol became big. I didn’t understand the dream.

After a month my sister-in-law asked me if I would like to take part in the Mahaparayan this year (she was a part of last year’s Mahaparayan) and I said yes.
8th Nov was my first Parayan. I read my allocated chapters and was resting in the afternoon. I saw a bright white light like an LED bulb light and akruti (shape) of Baba’s face. I was so happy to see Baba in my dream yet again.

On the 5th of Dec, my daughter had her annual program at school which was to get over by 9 pm and as I am not comfortable driving at night I went to pick her up by 7.30 pm. As they weren’t allowing anyone in without the gate pass I had to wait outside. I thought that I’ll park my car by the side so that I am not in the middle of the way. Unfortunately in the darkness I couldn’t see the ditch which was covered by weeds and my car went into it. There was no one around except for one other parent. He tried to help out but the car wouldn’t move. I was in tears and prayed to Sai. “Please help me Sai. Only You can do the impossible.” Then what? Within minutes of saying this there were suddenly 4-5 men who came, pushed my car out of the ditch and even before I could say a proper thank you to them; they had all disappeared!

It was Sai’s Leela. He had sent them to help me. My tears are flowing as I am typing this message.
Thank You Sai for always being there for me.

Jai Sairam
Nandini Nazaré

This old man, although just looks old is the strongest and can push us out of the biggest ditches of our life and many past births that we may have fallen into; on account of illusions, greed, ignorance, over smartness or bad karmas. Only a Sadguru can help us reach our destination by avoiding the ditches and wild animals that move around during our life’s journey. So let’s push ourselves a little more to devote at the lotus feet and get ourselves out of the ditches of sorrows and pains of many past births through our Guru’s guidance and blessings. 

Baba be our guiding light always. So let’s hold our Torch (Baba) firmly and keep our batteries of faith charged up so that we not get lost in the dark! Love You Deva Jai Jai Ho Sai. 

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Pooja Garg

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