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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India says: Sai blessed me to release Mahaparayan’s theme song and introduced me as
His Singer for His composed Sai Bhajan! Sai gave me an opportunity to become His singer and it would be a little boastful if I say I consider myself as Sai’s Dasganu.
Though I have always had a connection with music, I did not have much knowledge of music. But now with the blessing, guidance and support of Shri Sai Baba this Mahaparayan song is ready to be released.
Poojaji I request to please keep my name hidden here.

Om Sai Ram, I am a devotee of Sai Baba, member of “MP-382 – Shanti Sai” class, also a class teacher in Dwarakamaai. I got connected with Mahaparayan since 6th September 2018. It was Lord Sai Himself Who directly introduced me with Mahaparayan. It was the biggest miracle of my life, I will share it very soon in the coming experiences.
Now please read how Baba made this song, how Baba motived me to make this as
Mahaparayana’s theme song and how He introduced me to become His Singer.

On November 15th 2018, at 5:15 am in the morning, I was meditating and some lines came to my mind. Truly speaking it was Baba Who was singing and I was listening. The lines were as follows:-

Main Sooraj Ban Kar Aaunga
 Ek Naya Savera

Sansar Ke Kone Kone
Main Sai
Naam Jagaunga,

Dharti Ki Faslo
Me Honge 
Sai Naam Ke Moti, 

Mehnat Kar Ke Sab

Bhakti Bhav Ki Roti..!” 

(It means: I will come as a sun and bring a new dawn. I will awaken the name SAI in every nook and corner of this world. Even the crops in the earth will have the pearls named Sai. Everyone will work hard and eat roti(food) which is full of faith and devotional feelings. )
Believe me, at that time I was totally thoughtless and literally amazed. I must say this was the most miraculous moment of my life, and it can’t be describe in words. The whole day I wasn’t able to remember those lines but in the evening when I finished Baba’s dhoop aarti and closed my eyes, to my surprise I again started listening to the words of that song. Immediately I noted down the lines, and started thinking what was happening? Why these lines were coming in
front of me again and again?

Then after one month, on December 15th I had a dream in which a famous singer Sonu Nigamji, had come to my place and asked me to sing a ‘Sai Bhajan’. I asked him which bhajan? To which he replied, ‘Your Sai Bhajan’. I was absolutely shocked and kept pondering on those thousands of thoughts coming in my mind. I saw Sonu Nigamji in white clothes was there with his entire team, some instruments and mike etc. In my dream there were two more people with me and they were professional playback singers. Sonuji held my hand and stood by me between both the professional singers, even in centre and told me, “let us start singing.” I was very nervous or I can say that I had inferiority complex and thought why Sonu Nigamji is trying to make fun on me. He knows better that I don’t have any knowledge of music. I was very scared in the dream as he was asking me to sing again and again, and was saying, “Start singing! You can do it. You can Sing”.

There is one thing I want to ask all of you. Can you all guess who was actually Sonu Nigam in white clothes in my dream? I firmly believe that he was none other than Sai Baba Himself. It was our beloved Sai Baba, Who gave me instructions, strength, courage and confidence that I can sing and I have to sing. When I was hesitating and losing my confidence, He kept my head near His heart and put His hands on my head and told me, “Don’t worry I am always with you but do not avoid my request , I have come here to make you sing my bhajan.”
Sai Baba gave me this blessing on 15th December, but I was a fool that I couldn’t understand anything. I was taking it as an ordinary dream and didn’t take a decision on it then.

Apart from being one of the teachers in Mahaparayan, and that time I was also doing volunteer service in a few MP classes. So I had conversations with many Sai devotees on Sai Baba and the ‘Sai Miracles’ happening in their lives too after joining Mahaparayan.
I got many more experiences and then suddenly one day this line came to my mind: –


 Miracles had started happening already!
One day I shared this experience with my sister and she told me, “Baba might be indicating you to write a Mahaparayan bhajan. I thought over it but wasn’t able to accept it then, but slowly, I did.

Then I prayed to Baba and said that, “Baba my situation here is just like Hemadpantji. He too was inspired to write ‘Shri Sai Satcharitra’, just because of Your motivation, and His work got completed just because of You. So, until You bless me how will I be able to take this forward”?
I prayed wholeheartedly to Shri Sai to help me and felt that without His grace and blessings, I wouldn’t be able to sing or write bhajans. Then amazingly on the same day in the afternoon, madhyanh aarti (at 12 O’clock ) I sat in a place with my diary and pen and requested Sai Baba as follows, “hey Sai, be my hands, be this page, be the words and be the pen, it is not me who is going to write, it’s only You Who will write. Sai only You alone are the Doer and this song will be written by You only.”

Suprisingly, with Sai’s grace it took me just ten minutes to complete the bhajan. Entire bhajan was ready in just 10 minute’s time. Now I was thinking about the rhythm. I had prepared rhythm of first line but was worried about next verses. I was praying to Baba to give me some indication of whether I could make rhythm. I was talking with Baba continuously around 5 minutes and was asking Him to show me some clear indication. I was confused whether to do it or to hand it over to someone else. Suddenly the milkman who has been giving us milk since last 8 years came to my house. When I went to him, he surprisingly greeted me with ‘Om Sai Ram’. I was taken aback! The person who is coming to our place since last 8 years, first time told me “Om Sai Ram”, and I got the answer from Baba that it was His green signal for me to go ahead.

Now I was confident that Baba Himself would prepare the rhythm also. I was thinking can I copy some song’s rhythm or should I request Deva to guide for something better? So this doubt was also cleared. As there was a doubt in my mind, I started thinking whether it
would be pleasant or boring? Should I hand it over to someone else for some better rhythm? To clear my doubt I asked in Sai’s question-answer and the reply was: –

“Do not be influenced by imitations think properly and Act. There are people who
know what is good and bad. Remember Shri Sai, proper way will be found.”
So, I followed Baba’s indications (not to imitate) and kept the rhythm as it is. Now with Baba’s grace the rhythm
was also ready and I roughly recorded the bhajan at home and sent it to Poojaji.

In one of the lines of the bhajan, a word which is used is “SAI POTHI”. Earlier, I was thinking in
bhajan how I could write that, but at that time I got a picture message from one of the devotees, “please read Sai Satcharitra”, and in that picture message it was written, “Read my POTHI, my leela”. So, once again Sai Baba sent words for the bhajan.
Finally, when we went to studio for recording, I was surprised as Baba Himself was present there, encouraging me in the form of an idol. He gave me the confidence, motivation, appreciation and made me realize that He was constantly with me as I was singing. I felt like He said, “Sing my Bhajan and I am with you always”. In the recording room, it was only me, Baba and the instruments that were there. Attaching the pictures and the audio of bhajan. MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra | MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

Baba was already sitting in the recording studio in white dress…!

After Baba, I would like to thank Poojaji, entire global Mahaparayan team, my father -in- law, my parents, my husband, my mentor, my siblings, cousins, my Sai friends and above all my 7 year old daughter too who encouraged me to accept this Sai blessing. Attaching the bhajans for all to go through.
May Baba bless all of us
“Sai mujhe kabhi apne se alag nahi Karna”

Mahaparayan Bhajan Audio Link Click Here MP Bhajan

Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai!


Thank you so much for sharing the beautifully sung bhajan composed by Baba. 
Happy Ramnavami to all the Beloved Sai Siblings! It’s such an amazing connection or thread that Baba has tied His children with. We Sai Siblings who are scattered across the 5 continents feel to be on one Sai Continent of Mahaparayan and world becoming a small place to live in with daily so many miracles. This post has got amazing leelas behind leelas which Baba would soon reveal.
This Kaliyug soon becoming Saiyug if we all come forward to offer our little services in form of our little time for various sevas which can be done from home itself for the sake of Mahaparayan which is actually a Mahayagna which Baba Himself has started in His Centenary year of Mahasamadhi to destroy our sins, karmas etc. 

 On this auspicious day of Ram Navami let us try to understand the very purpose of our precious human birth and awaken the Ram within us. In this very birth itself let us try to get a complete victory over the Ravan (bad thoughts, bad karmas) which too try to reside within us birth after birth. With Sadguru like Sairama everything and anything is possible!When we surrender to Him, He will create the best music out of us and make our life really melodious. Love You Deva loads and loads. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Stay tuned for the Mahaparayan video coming soon…!

Pooja Garg
#Experience 509

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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  1. Om Sai ram, jai sriram,thankyou poojaji for sharing us the experience with Baba,you are truly blessed.very beautiful song thanks to Baba ,and you for giftng us this song and experience on this very auspicious ramnavami.

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