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Shirdi Sai Devotee Shyam Kumar from India says:

Om Sairam. My name is Shyam Kumar. I am a part of the Mahaparayan Group -MP 326 Sai Pallavi. I would like to share the experiences of one of Baba’s devotees who want to remain anonymous. I request you to please publish the same.

I am a small devotee of Baba. I started believing Sai since last 5 years and prior to that I was considering Him just as a great sage. Before I start writing my experiences, I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Hetalji and her team. I must say that they have done a great job of creating a platform for the Sai devotees all over the world.

There are many small and big miracles that have taken place in my life in the last couple of years and hence I strongly believe that my Sainath’s blessings have always been with me.

First Miracle: My elder son who is now completing his last year of Engineering is a very good student. After his XII standard exams he appeared for all the entrance exams for engineering; however his desire was to join VIT- Chennai. But my husband wanted him to join NIIT – Rkl, if he gets in it. My husband is very short-tempered and so my son is very scared of him. After a few days as he wished, he got a seat in VIT and was called for the registration. Till that time the NIIT results were not out. My son decided to go for registration in VIT; however my husband insisted that he should wait for the NIIT results to come. After great difficulty I convinced my husband to go for the VIT registration, however his condition was that if he got a seat in NIIT then he has to join there. Both me and my son were sad on hearing this. I prayed to Baba saying that “my son had a small wish to join VIT, and I want You to do something before they leave to Chennai so that my son is assured of studying in the college of his choice. And believe me, a miracle took place. While leaving for the railway station, my husband’s sister called up and said that she had enquired about VIT and the response was very good and the best amongst the private colleges. My husband has a lot of trust on his sister and he finally agreed and my son joined VIT”. I thanked Baba for the miracle.

Second Miracle: In April 2018, my husband had some problem with his throat. When he went to the doctor he was told that there was a growth around his tonsils area and it needs to be operated. We were thinking it had to do with tonsils. He went for the operation and then it was sent for biopsy. To our shock the result was negative and it was detected as Lymphoma, however due to Baba’s grace it was in the first stage and could be cured. The treatment was started immediately in TATA memorial Calcutta and at the same time my continuous prayers began. I started the Nava Guruvar vrat and during this period I saw this message on this blog which says: “Your situation could have been more worst… if I was not with you. I have already reduced your pain and problems. Just bear this little pain and you will be free soon.” After seeing this message I was relaxed and a strong faith took birth within me. I was sure that Baba would do a miracle. I continued the Navguruvar vrat and chanted Sai Mahima Strotram every Thursday. I read the Sai Stavan Manjari every day. At first the doctor felt that my husband needed a bone marrow transplant which is a very painful process. But I had tremendous faith on Sai. While the doctors were discussing big things about the case, I was silently speaking with my beloved Sai. I had trust in Him, however was a little scared. PET scan was done to check the stage of the disease and to everybody’s surprise the report was normal. The doctors stated that they were not able to understand if there was a problem in his body or not. They said that they would do a bone marrow sample test which also was normal. Later the doctor said that he had not come across such a case in his life time ever and it was truly a miracle. However the doctor advised that as my husband was 50 years old, it was advised to undergo four chemotherapy and 20 rounds of radiation to be on a safe side.

So till today, this has been the biggest miracle in my life. Baba can never see His child in pain. Here I would like to tell all the Baba’s children that our Sai only wants love and patience from us. If in a true sense we surrender our life with every aspect then Baba will definitely bear all the responsibilities.

“Om Sai Rakshak Saranam Deva”

Shyam Kumar

None can be like You Deva, so merciful and benevolent! Baba is always taking care of His children in ways we can never ever understand. None can truly love us as much as He can. Let’s love Him unconditionally and believe that whatever He does would be the best for us and has come to us after the major portion was suffered by Him on our behalf. Let us try to help Baba by atleast doing good karmas so that He has the least to suffer on our behalf. He is watching everything and working for our good day and night, have the least doubt about it. Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 

Pooja Garg

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