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Shirdi Sai Devotee Susama from India says:
I am member of Sai MP-326, Roll no9. Baba shows me uncountable love. But still my heart always doubts Him because of the struggle. I have financial and other problems too. Sai has solved almost all my problems.

Due to frequent cold I was unable to sleep and take bath. I am staying in a hostel. So I bought a cheap water heater but after three days it stopped working due to my fault. When I went to change it the shopkeeper refused and insulted me. I felt bad but tolerated and said nothing. But I shared everything with Sai and prayed that How could I solve my financial problem when I had no money  even to take a school tiffin? Sai listened to my prayer.

My sister’s son was severely ill and so she came with family member to our native place for the treatment. All these are Sai leelas. She sent me a blanket and new branded water heater to my working place. For the first time the school also gave the salary on right time this month. Another thing was that Sai gave me extra salary than the prior school as I had surrendered to Sai to fix the salary. Sai is best of best Father. Sai is the best, best friend.

Sai I am misguided due to my bad desires. Please Sai love me every day. If I choose wrong path then please pull me back Baba. Baba I am blind, You show me the way. Baba, stay in my heart always. You have given a good friend and a beloved. Please help us to fulfil our sole purpose to love all and serve all. Baba, stay in our love and affection. Thank You Sai and all. Om Sairam.


As said in Sai Satcharitra we can count the showers of rain, tie the wind in a leather bag, but who can gauge or measure His leelas? His leelas are nothing but blessings to His creation. We are extremely blessed to be Sai Children. When we have our Father Sai behind us we need not fear the cold climate in our life’s journey as Baba is always there to give us the warmth of His unconditional love and affection.
Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 

Pooja Garg

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