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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Sai ram devotees. I would like to remain anonymous. A big thank you to Poojaji for starting Mahaparayan. Thanks to the entire team and the volunteers for doing this great seva.

 I am a very selfish person when it comes to Baba. Though I have many experiences and felt His presence in my life I still nag Him to show His presence and His leelas each and every second. I saw Baba in my dreams and in real life but still not satisfied. I know Baba, I am very selfish but what to do Baba I love You so much that I want to see You and talk to You all the time. But Baba, reality is it’s Your love that makes us love You more than anyone in this world.

Coming to my experience, from past two days I was not feeling good as my husband fought with me. Though mistake was not from my side as usual I had to take the blame all the time. This has been happening from years. Being a very sensitive person I can’t take such things and don’t like to fight with any one especially with my husband. Until the fight ends I can’t eat and sleep properly. Only Baba knows my pain. The fight continues for few days. I know Baba will solve my problem but I have to struggle a lot until my husband talks to me.

Before starting today’s Mahaparayan I said to Baba, Sai if You feel my pain this fight should end before I finish reading my parayan and this miracle should happen because of Mahaparayan only. You gave many Mahaparayan miracles to the devotees and now it’s my time. Please show me Your leelas. Right after I started the 2nd chapter my husband came to me and said sorry. I didn’t even finish my parayan and the miracle had happened. Hearing the word sorry from his mouth is very, very uncommon. I felt Sai’s presence. Sai listens to every single word of us and loves us so much that He can’t see us in pain.

Our sufferings are due to our karma but Baba never allows us to go through our sufferings completely as He can’t see us in pain. He takes us out of the pain when we can’t handle it anymore. I can tell this with my own experiences.
Jai Sairam!

Baba knows all of His children in and out. Nothing is impossible for Him be it anything. But still each one of us have our own soul journey which has to be travelled in this vehicle called body with all the bumps and scenic beauty as per our tour package (karmic account) which is already planned by our tour guide (God). The destination for our next tour depends on all our previous tours’ photographs(karmas). So let us click the best photographs during our this tour.
Love You Sai. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 

Pooja Garg

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  1. I got the same issue Sairam … now still it’s going on I think Baba made my mind to think positive after reading this

  2. It's definitely my experience too.
    M praying for my brother's fixation of marriage but getting delayed. Somewhere when I complain about his Leela he will definitely give me the answer somehow or the other. Still hope he will do better for us in future.

  3. My daughter should get a job sairam. She is graduated me electrical in Colorado university. Hoping sairam will full fill through mahaparayan

  4. My son should be blessed with peace of mind and a good job and good income . wish the entire family happy and be blessed . loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu . Be the entire world blessed by Sai Ram "Om Sree Sai Ram"

  5. Let baba give us all strength and patience and achieve the best in all our lives .
    Let baba give me and my husband visa and I pray to bless everyone with Sukha Shanti Arogya and Aishwarya ��

  6. I have talked with baba personally. My requests will be fulfilled. I will register the miracles of my request one by one on its fulfillment. Om sai ram. Mahaparayan gives strength to me.

  7. With Sairam blessings I was able to complete footings of my house although rains lashed inbetween.I will come out financial problem by his blessings . Nagaratnam

  8. Jai Sai ram.i came to know the existence of supreme power in my childhood days through baba.i will forever be indebted to the person who introduced me to saibaba and his numerous Leela's.i have always found him near me whenever I required him.he was the part of all my major decisions and made all of them work for me.God bless all my friends.

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