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Shirdi Sai Devotee Kavitha From USA says: Sairam to all Sai family members. I am Kavitha from MP-99 group (US).
I have been thinking to share my Mahayaparayan experiences, especially miracles of Udi and
I realize that there was no better day than today to write this, since as part of today’s Mahaparayan, I was allocated
chapters 34 (Greatness of Udi) and 35 today. As always, Baba Himself allocates relevant chapters to each and everyone of us.

I became an ardent devotee of Baba just last year (2018), since then it has been a fast paced spiritual connection with Baba and I learnt that He has been always
with me, in my life. I realized soon that all my blessings in life are only due to Baba’s grace and He has always protected me and my family. I experienced numerous miracles over the last one year, and here I would like to narrate couple of miracle experiences related to Udi during

My older daughter often gets migraine/severe headache , which if not treated immediately may end in seizures.
We have tried Allopathic and Homeopathy medicines, but in no vain. I was living with fear and tensions until I read Sai Satcharitra.
After reading Sai Satcharitra all my fears vanished and I started to have strong faith in Baba. Over a period of time, I strongly wished to get Baba’s Vibhuti but I did not know how to get them.
I looked up in internet and found that we can request for Udi online from a website.
I requested for Udi online in September 2018, but I was not sure when I would get it. By Baba’s grace, very soon I got Udi from my dear friends as soon as I wished for it. It also coincided with the time
I started reading Mahaparayan. Baba always ensured that I never ran out of Udi, as soon as one packet was about to get over, I would get another one (and I got them on Thursdays or Pournima day).
As always, Baba’s leelas are endless and He never lets His devotees down.

Ever since I started using Udi, my daughter has not got any health issues. Earlier there were instances that she would throw up, her eyes would twitch and she would become
unconscious (experiences slightly similar to Irani’s daughter in Chapter 34). After I started giving her Udi, I am seeing significant changes in her health.
It is nothing but the power of Udi. I will always be indebted to Baba and praying to Baba to keep her healthy and happy.

I have also experienced miracles of Udi myself, several times. Earlier I used to take medicine for any headache if the pain got unbearable, but last couple of times,
I took Udi mixed with water and all the pain went away in couple of minutes. I also applied Udi to my younger daughter when she got rashes all over her legs due to an insect bite. I put Udi to her before she slept and next morning, it was all gone!
No doubt, Udi is the best healing agent and the most powerful medicine. It can do wonders, as experienced by millions of devotees in the world.
I am very blessed to have been part of Mahaparayan and to have experienced miracles of Udi and leelas of Baba.

 Jai Ho Sai.


Baba’s Udi is the Panacea – One solution to all problems. It takes the form as per our faith be it a teacher, doctor, Protector, Chef, Savior and what not. So let us not worry if we have Udi which is Baba Himse for our material and spiritual gains. Love You Deva Jai Jai Ho Sai.

Pooja Garg

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