Baba In Dream On January 7, 2018

Shirdi Sai Devotee Sai Sajalji From India Says:

Om Sai Ram Sai Bandhus! I am Baba’s Sonu, a simple devotee of Shri Sai Baba. I am doing parayan in MP 382 Shanti Sai, roll no -23, blue house. Dear Baba, I love You so much. Baba I always feel and follow these assurances of Yours in every possible millisecond.

Remembering what You said:
Be wherever you like, do whatever you choose, remember this well that all what you do is known to Me. I am the Inner Ruler of all and seated in their hearts. I envelope all the creatures, the movable and immovable world. I am the Controller – the wire-puller of the show of this Universe.”

Thank you so much Pooja Garg ji for leading this divine step on Sai’s wish which Inspired millions to do Seva which is the greatest Sadhna (act of worship) in Kaliyug. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that Baba has chosen us to be a part of this movement towards Yug transformation & spiritual evolution revolution. I really feel proud to be working for my Sai Baba only! Baba has finally called His little sparrow (His daughter) to Him & has engaged me in the activities He wants me to do.

Experience 1:
One fine morning, In November 2017 I had a dream where I didn’t see anyone but I heard a male voice saying that, “You don’t worry dear. Soon you will get a Government job in a company named as MP? (Question Mark is for unknown data because I am unable to remember what the 3rd letter or digit was) and your salary will start with 40,000”. I woke up from sleep and sat in silence for some time and kept thinking about ‘Shri Sai Satcharitra’(SSC). I was remembering Chapter 3 in SSC in which once Baba told Hemadpant ji that he would find a job soon. After sometime I thought it might be some illusion. Then for my own satisfaction I was searching in Google for the vacancy on Govt job with name of MP? I found some that start with MP but all that was of no use to me. So I discussed the dream with my husband, he said that practically I must study and appear for competitive exams and then I’ll definitely get success. But honestly deep in my heart I was praying & questioning Baba if it was still possible for me to do so? Because I had recently quit my job and had also left my studies incomplete (Dip in Civil Engineering) due to unfavorable and unwanted circumstances.

I prayed Baba to give my life some shape, some definite purpose as I couldn’t live a life like I was. I don’t want to die like this Baba and I also prayed very hard to bless me with the right thing as only Baba knows what my soul actually needs and wants. I said, ”Baba I want to do something, but I do not want to be trapped in worldly greed. Baba call me to You, close to You, don’t send me to any other Guru. Baba please now You have to work on me.”

Experience 2:
Now coming to my second dream of January 7, 2018. (even before I had joined Mahaparayan) In my dream I saw Sai Baba in the form of a lady. That lady was flying in the air, while talking with me with her legs approx 11 to 12 feet above the ground, her skin complexion was dark but was glowing & radiant. There were 4 to 5 spots on her face that were radiating very sharp bright and shining lights. First I was a bit scared but later I understood that She is my Sai Baba only. Now please read carefully our conversation.
She told me 3 major problems from my grandparent’s side that was very authentic and She also told me about 2 problems that would be coming in the near future. After hearing I was completely shaken as every sentence She spoke were unknown to me till then as it was from my family history.
Now I asked that lady (Sai Maa) to give me some solution to avoid these calamities. She told me, “Whatever is to happen, will happen. No one can stop it.”
I then asked Her “why You told me about the problems if You can’t give the solution.”
3 times on asking She continuously repeated the same sentence and was rejecting my request for a solution and said “whatever is to happen will surely happen. No one can stop this.”
But I repeatedly with all my heart, surrendering in devotion & almost begging for a solution in front of Her for the whole world, told Her that “You are God and You are the ultimate power. We are all Your children, now if God will reject or ignore our prayers who will guide us? who will show us the right path? Who will save & secure us in tough situations? and also if You reject us & defriend us who will have faith in God? Please show some mercy.”
I was continuously praying to Her for giving some solutions to overcome the problems. I said, “We are nothing without You. We can’t even think & know what is good or what is bad for us. We are only taught by our parents to have faith in God and His Timings. Then why are You not telling the solution.”
During my conversation with Sai Ma She was laughing heartily and innocently, like a mother plays with her kids. She was pleased after listening to me and accepted my prayer and told me to read 3 names. She gave me 3 words only and told me that if anyone will read what the 3 words were equivalent to post reformation, they will cross the ocean of calamities and problems from previous births & will be able to rewrite the fate of this birth. The 3 words She said are:
 1. KANHAIYA (meaning Lord krishna)
2. RAM (Lord Ram)
3. PARAMATMA (Supreme soul)

I foolishly questioned Her that it is only God’s names so it should be chanted and how could we read those names? She smiled very sweetly and told me, “I am telling you to READ.” I reached out for my mobile and started saving those 3 words. She smiled again and said “yes, yes please note, but your mousi (Mother’s sister) knows well about this”. After that she flew and disappeared in that starry night.

The dream ended here and I woke up. After I took a bath I straight away headed to Baba’s temple and asked Baba to guide me as to what the meaning of that dream really was.
After continuous attempts of solving the PUZZLE I was fed up. I started losing hope on govt job too as my search of company name with MP was going nowhere!

Now in the last week of May 2018, a bad incident happened in my life (I shared this experience in Hetal Ji’s experiences blog). My sufferings became really unbearable and I was in a panic. My days were going in crying, self pacifying, thinking and so on. I sometimes wondered why we are human beings? I was at the verge of giving up. I can only say that I had put my identity/ My humanity / my wardship everything on stake. But through all of this, I held Baba tightly and kept reading Shri Sai Satcharitra without demanding anything. I put my everything in Sai Baba’s lotus feet ‘Sai Charan’ and as Baba says to not give up, I stood upright till the end and after the struggle of 2 months I won that battle of life. Yes of course, I have lost material things but I am very happy that I got my Sai’s love and passed in Baba’s exam of Shraddha & Saburi. I decided as per my commitment to Baba that I will share this experience with all Sai devotees so I posted my experience there.
Now for searching my experience almost every day I went on Hetal Ji’s Blog and searched but it was not published.

After a long time one day I opened a blog, ‘Devotees experiences’ run by Sai Hetal Patil Rawat ji. (earlier I used to read Sai devotees experiences on that blog but during the difficult days of life somehow failed to visit the blog). Then I came to know about MAHAPARAYAN. I saw the word Mahaparayan there but nothing clicked in my mind about Mahaparayan? Many times I tried to join Mahaparayan but when the time came for filling P-form, I got nervous and left the page without registering. Deep in my heart I prayed to Sai, “I know Baba when the right time comes You shall have me enroll here”.

One day Hetalji published an information about SAIYUG NETWORK. I had come to know about the Saiyug Network whatsApp group. I joined the group in August 2018. After seeing the message a couple of times in Saiyug network group to Join Mahaparayan group in WhatsApp. I atlast joined Mahaparayan temporary group on September 6. I didn’t know anything where I had come and what I’ll do?
I was totally blank and just waited for instructions. I just felt like Baba is taking me to a new place, amongst new people. I held Sai’s hand and started walking on the path of Mahaparayan. After a month of joining Mahaparayan, I came to know that I could volunteer & offer seva. Without knowing anything my husband registered his and my name for the principal seva in Mahaparayan. I was nervous about how I’ll do? What if I fail? What will happen and many questions started arising in my mind. But with the help of 2 ladies, I call them Sai’s messenger, one is Nirmala didi ( Principal U4 Chavdi school) and second Geeta Balasubhramanyam didi (very kind hearted and supportive, class teacher of MP 379 and MP 392), I accepted to do seva as a class teacher of Mahaparayan.

I never realised till now the secret of government job and the sacred names Baba gave me to read in my dream. Now I was only doing my duty of taking care of my daughter, teaching her, few household chores, spending time reading Sai Satcharitra and worshipping Him, meditating on Sai every possible time of day and night and along with it I was doing Baba’s sewa as class teacher of Mahaparayan. With this I was very happy and satisfied that I am doing some work for Baba. I still feel immense pleasure to do so.

One evening a relative came home and asked me about my job and studies. He asked casually, “Aur bhabhi, aajkal kya kar rahe ho? (Bhabhi what work are you doing nowadays?)
I kept mum for a minute. I just felt hurt and had nothing to say. I had tears in my eyes & said to myself “Who will ever understand the value of what I am doing? Only I know what a divine work I am doing & how blissful I am feeling after taking it up!”. But I replied saying only one sentence that, “Nothing brother only I am taking care of Rinshi and home”. But trust me friends though I answered I was deeply hurt. Later I cried a lot in front of Baba saying, “Baba why am I feeling upset, why I couldn’t say with pride that I feel proud to be Your servant as You are the sole truth and everything else is illusionary and temporary”. I immediately poured out my heart to Baba, “Hey Sai! Is this what You do me justice? How will I tell to the world that I am doing the greatest divine job as I am doing Your work, Sai’s seva?” I slept with tears. Only Sai’s devotees can understand the worth for being useful for our Sai Baba. On one hand I was diving deep in Baba’s love that Baba had chosen me to be His PEARL but on the other hand I was struggling thinking about my image in people’s minds as we are living in a materialistic world and people tend to judge you by your appearance, by your education, your income and your standard of living etc.

Now the wonder! How Baba came and consoled me for my broken materialistic dreams and ambitions!

Please read a few more lines. This happened on the golden day 18th Jan 2019, Friday morning around 5 am approx, I dreamt as mentioned below:
I was strolling behind our house at Ravi Nagar when suddenly I came to know one man was walking very slowly and He was none else, but our own beloved Sai Baba. I was behind Baba. I saw there, Baba was walking very slowly and also was looking inside everyone’s houses as if He was searching or examining something. I was thinking that may be Baba wanted bhiksha from some of His devotees. I started chasing Him and when I was about to reach Him, two women coming from the front side of Baba, saw Him and were taking darshan of Baba. Both the women touched the “Shri Charan” of Baba till then I reached there, very close to Baba. After both women touched His feet (Shri Sai Charan) & sought His blessings I stood up and put my head on Baba’s chest(near His heart). I was standing on the left of Baba. It’s still the same feeling as I am writing right now. Whatever happened was very unexpected. Baba also put both His palms (VARAD-HAST) on my head. It seemed like time had stopped and only Baba & I were there.
I said to Baba, “I am feeling very happy and blissful. I am feeling very satisfied right now in Your arms under Your loving shelter. Baba smiled and hugged me like my parents. I can never ever forget that hug Baba gave to me.Then after 2 minutes I told Baba that “Baba I don’t feel happiness anywhere but its amazing Baba I am feeling restful and relaxed, extremely happy near You, with You. Baba I never want to go anywhere. But I have to go right now.”
Baba: “where”?
Me : “Home, because I came without informing anyone. I was feeling scared perhaps my family members would be worried about me.”
Baba: “who will scold you? I will take care of that”.
Baba : “ek baat manogi meri?” (Will you follow one thing I am about to tell?)
Me : “yes Baba, boliye na”. (Yes baba please tell)
Baba : “Kabhi bhi ghar se niklo toh bata ke niklo. Bina bataye ghar se mat nikalna” (Whenever you step out of home, don’t go without informing anyone, only go after informing.)

 I replied “Yes Baba. I will not go out without informing. I will go after asking or informing.”
All this conversation was going on between Baba and me, and I was standing with my head on Baba’s chest still. I still feel that parental affection of Sai Baba.

After that scene, I saw a very different scene in my dream. I saw myself with my younger sister Rupal, sitting on the same street where Baba hugged me but the location was a little far, about 50 to 60 steps from the previous spot. I was sitting and trying to fill a container with kitchen spices that was salt and coriander powder. And while I was doing this work, I was crying. Tears were continuously falling from my eyes. My sister stood just beside me. Then suddenly Baba came very near to us and started asking my sister that, “What’s going on?” Then immediately before Rupal could reply, Baba continued “Now see, Rupal has also got job then why to worry?” My sister was supporting Baba and said ”yes Baba, we always try to make her understand that we all are here to help and support her then why you want to do a job?”. Although by Sai Baba’s grace I am far more blessed with everything as compared to millions. It seems God saved & secured me for a purpose. In worldly life, no one can even point me that I would have a single reason to be sad and discouraged. Life had given me 100+ opportunities where I could excel & do justice to my existence. But this heart was ever dissatisfied with any materialistic thing.

 Before joining Mahaparayan I was living like I am lacking something. My inner soul needs were incomplete and I felt that something was lacking that I was unaware of and only Baba knew.
During all this conversation I kept quiet and didn’t utter a word, but my brain/mind/soul were speaking loudly to Sai Baba that “Don’t you know Baba; that I don’t want all these things, I want to do something through which I get some amount of my own earnings, so that I can support anyone who asks me for a favor or if I want to do any seva like donating for needy girls’ marriage or supporting needy children for their education, feeding the hungry and to provide medical treatments to needy ones etc.”
Then Baba got irritated because He was reading my mind and He sat with me. He pulled away the container from my hand and started filling it quickly with salt and coriander powder and started scolding like our parents do, when the child is unable to understand the benefit or goodness behind the present situation (when a child over insists for something). While scolding me both the work were going on together, filling the containers and scolding.
Now the Blessing through speech of Sai Baba is as follows:
 Baba said : “One thing you have to understand that you are not going to go out from home to do something you want. Everything I have arranged already. But why aren’t you understanding that job is not only doing something for which you have to go out of your home.
You can do it from inside the house too.”
 Baba told my sister for me in hindi: “Jitna praapya inko ghar me rahkar kaam karne se hai itna noukari karne me bhi nahi hai. Yeh koi chota mota kaam nhi hai jo maine iske liye rakha hai”. (She will get alot more than what she would obtain from doing a job. What I want her to do is no small job.)
Baba didn’t use the word Mahaparayan in that dream because He wanted me to accept and realize the real sense of saturating my soul with the Divine Grace of Sai and His Seva.
Baba was continuously speaking, I was continuously crying (I was quiet as I was very upset) and Rupal was standing and listening.
After I woke up I was feeling so much relaxed as Baba kept His palms on my head in the dream.
Now the meaning of MP?
1. ‘Government Job’: We all know our Sai is the World’s Director. He is The Government of this universe we all are working under His direction. We all are doing a government job. So I feel like my birth on this planet has become fruitful & meaningful as Baba has chosen me to be His

2. MP (Job starting with MP? Baba indicated) is ‘Mahaparayan’.

3. 40,000 salary: It probably indicates the group of 48 people who are in this world strangers to me but in divine relationships we all are family. (Still to get confirmation on this from Baba).

4. I searched / asked / read almost every possible thing but I didn’t solve the riddle of ‘KANHAIYA RAM PARAMATMA’.

In March 2019 ( nearly after 15 months), one day I prayed in front of Baba, ”You have given me this to solve, now You only guide me to know what is the three name reading mystery?” You all won’t believe. After praying in front of Baba’s picture at home, suddenly I was thinking about my childhood activities where I was fond of solving puzzles, reasoning questions and aptitudes test papers. I took a notebook and considering it puzzle Baba has given me to solve I wrote down the words in a notebook and when I shuffled the words I couldn’t believe I got the answer!


 All above 20 letters when reshuffled exactly forms ’ Mahaparayan Amrit Kaam’; not a letter more or less. Isn’t this so beautiful? I was shocked when I got this answer.

Baba Helped To Solve The Puzzle on 11 March, 2019

Believe me many of our family members are doing Mahaparayan and all are feeling extremely peaceful and miracles are happening in their lives too. And during 1 year of Mahaparayan that major problems which Baba told me in dream about my family history got solved. From both my family (from my father’s home and husband’s home) 99% members joined MP, some by own, some by Baba.
I only pray Baba to take care of all His children, show all of us the path of truth. Give all of us the vision to see Him in all creatures. Bless all to experience Your Grace. We all love You Sai Baba. Please give Your love to all. I bow to Sri Sainath Maharaj to have blessed me in His abundantly and truly affectionate divine love and guidance.

Thank you,
Sai Sajal Trivedi

Sajalji is another gem that Baba has put in His basket for MP seva and also heading the Mahaaprayan Youtube Channel. How blessed to know through her and Baba that Mahaparayan is Amrit Kaam in real sense (Mahaparayan is Nectar Equivalent work) and not a small work where lakhs of devotees and thousands of volunteers are involved in this seva.

Baba’s grace turns our incapabilities into capabilities, cant’s into cans, our worsts into our bests. He is the Doer and the Wirepuller of the show of this Universe. Let us be ready to give the best shot in this drama of the Universe when the life has already thrown the three words Lights, Camera and Action. This world is a camera which records our every action irrespective of lights or darkness around. Let us deliver the best shot before Our Great Director and Producer of our lives Sai says ‘CUT’…!  Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. Global Mahaparayan Team wishes all Sai Bandhus a very Happy Vijayadashmi…!😊😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …! 

Pooja Garg

#Experience 687

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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  1. Om Sairam. Even while reading, I thought MP is Mahaparayan and Baba has given you the job to do Seva and also teacher of the group. You are blessed to have such a wonderful darshan in your dreams. After reading yours, i believe even I feel blessed in Mahaparayan group. Sairam

  2. Om Sai ram.when I was your total experience I am getting tears in my eyes.iam feeling very happy that baba choose me in mahaparayanam….Jai Sai Ram….

  3. Om sai ram I feel I'm so much blessed from Sai Appa. Because so many incidents had happened in my life. Thanks a lot for this wonderful opportunity for me. OM SAI RAM

  4. Jai sai ram.. In this materialistic world we all are busy with useless things.. This MP is the only way to say thanks and do koti koti naman to baba for choosing us. .actually good things happened and happening in our lives… .after reading your experience only one thing that comes in every devotees mind. .sai bhagwan aap dhany ho… Jai sai ram

  5. Omsairam🙏sajal ji & pooja ji,
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful beautiful experience with us. Blessed you are to see & talk wth Baba, blessed v all are to read& hear all this, & to be a part of mahaparayan.
    Thankyou Baba for giving us all special blessings through Mahaparayan. 🙏let us enjoy & cherish the fruits of parYan and take this opportunity to make others also experience.
    Thank you
    Rajani venkat

  6. Sai ram..
    I can relate to few of your perception about life .. having some sort of dissatisfaction always. I was asking Baba to guide me somehow. Your experiences are making me to not loose my faith and patience which I dont do at anytime in my life , even the slightest of fear I have inside me is answered through you.. All I pray to Baba is give me the determination to walk in the path of faith n patience. Felt so blessed to hear Baba appeared in ur dreams and showered His love on us.. Thank u Ji.

  7. Om Sai Ram���� Baba made me read this complete experience and I feel grateful for being part of Baba's MP. I was afraid of being a captain but my class teacher SaiSri ji helped a lot. Iam very happy for being part of Baba's family.. Jai Sai Ram����

  8. om sairam. It was a wonderful experience you ahdvface in your life. Iam so happy that baba has chosen us a part Of MP.After reading your story came to know we need to be in Shraddha and Sabri.Baba is always with us. Even happy to be in this MP group.
    om Sai Sri sai Jaya Jaya sai

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  10. Sai has given us a wonderful platform of sharing his presence and love through MP. I feel Blessed to be in the Family of Sai's devotees.Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Thank you SAI for making us read this episode and experience your presence. Jai Sai Ram.

  11. 🙏On sai Ram
    Really sajal ji 's experience of Mahaparayan is very touching. I'm also a part of MP. I'm very happy to serve baba seva.
    Baba is my mother, father. Baba is my guru also .I search my guru mantra today I got it
    Mahaparayan hai amrit kaam
    Ghar ghar pahucha hai sai naam.
    I pary baba give me place on your feet (Baba apne charno m sthaan dijiye )
    Jai sai Ram 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  12. Jai sai ram.Love you sai baba ji..thank you so much to enroll me and my husband in Mahaprayan. We all are very happy and feeling blessed.

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